The Emmy Awards bring light to the best shows of 2017

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony on Sep. 17 was an evening filled with comedy, surprise and excitement.  The awards show, which celebrates the best performances and stars of prime time television programs, took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.  Aired live on CBS and hosted by late night television show host Stephen Colbert, the evening opened with a politically themed musical including cast members of various TV favorites, such as This Is Us and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Critics felt that Colbert’s mention of politics was overkill, even though former press secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance later on in the show.  Colbert also jokingly blamed the fact that President Trump never won an Emmy award for his part on Celebrity Apprentice because of his presidential campaign.

“In a way, this is all your fault,” said Colbert, making fun of Trump.

This year’s Emmy Awards were packed with wry humor as well as plenty of positive recognition for certain outstanding actors, actresses, and the television shows themselves.  Director Donald Glover, was recognized  for his comedy series Atlanta, marking a major win for the series.  Lena Waithe also had a historic win for writing of Master Of None, and was also the first African American woman to be nominated for this specific category.

“The things that make us different are our superpowers,”  said Waithe after her win.

Alec Baldwin won an Emmy Award for best supporting actor on Saturday Night Live. You may know him for his comical impersonations of President Donald Trump, but after accepting his award, he delivered a brief speech without a trace of comedy.

“I always remember what someone told me — that is when you die you don’t remember a bill that Congress passed or a decision the Supreme Court made, or an address made by the president,” said Baldwin to the audience.  “You remember a song.  You remember a line from a movie.  You remember a play.  You remember a book.  A painting.  A poem.

Baldwin reminded the audience of the importance of motion pictures and television in our lives, and advised those working in the film industry to keep doing what they’re doing.

As new shows premiere and returning seasons of hit shows begin this fall, TV watchers will be able to start predicting what shows will be Emmy contenders in 2018.