Editorial: Cancelled classes

Cancelled classes are somewhat of a novelty in Schreiber High School. Every day, hundreds of kids walk hopefully down the halls, hoping to arrive at their class only to find the room empty and dark, with a single white sheet hanging from the door. In that regard, Schreiber has proven to be unlike other schools-instead of bringing in a substitute teacher or setting up a mandatory study hall they allow their students to have free reign over their own time.

Most of the time this feature counts towards one of the countless other positives of Schreiber’s trust in their students independence. But what about students whose day is completely thrown off by the absence of their class?

Just like there are hundreds of students who are excited to find out that their class is cancelled, there are hundreds of others who dread waking up early in the morning and rushing to school only to find out that their rush was for nought, that their class is cancelled, and that they have an entire hour of unaccounted for time that they could have spent sleeping.

Or what about other students, whose sports and extracurricular activities might have kept them from doing their work the night before, and who rush to finish their work during school, often giving up their lunch time, only to find that their teacher isn’t there?

For this reason, The Schreiber Times proposes that the school set up a portal where the teachers daily attendance can be posted and accessed by all people with a valid school ID. This way, students are free to clarify their schedules before the start of their day. Gone are the days of skipping morning coffee, bothering parents for a ride, and leaving assignments home just to show up to an empty room.  Gone are the days of secluding yourself in the computer lab, putting minimal effort into an assignment, only to find that it could have been put off until later. And here are the days of students making more productive, happy days for themselves, untouched by the hassle of having to rearrange their schedule in the middle of the day.