Look great while remaining warm this Autumn season

These comfortable and stylish Fall trends mix a great combination of form and function.



Lulu Lemon has a variety of leggings that come in different colors, lengths, and sizes. They are perfect for any season.

Becca Sanders and Jamie Ambos

In the midst of the school year, one thing students are enthusiastic to distract from their busy schedules is fall fashion. Along with the presence of classic trends such as ripped jeans and a flannel, newer, edgier styles are also taking over. Jean jackets, camouflage prints, and suede sneakers are just a few of the new items in the trendiest closets. From affordable looks to luxury splurges, there’s a new stylish piece for everyone.
Adding to the list of local clothing options, Target recently opened in Soundview. The exciting opening was not only about the home decor, food, and electronic devices, but also definitely about the clothing. In recent years, Target has definitely stepped up their game, with trendy pieces and affordable prices, making fashion available to everyone. Target also is including velvet items in this year’s lineup, accompanied by an endless supply of sweaters to keep you warm on chilly fall nights.
“Target has always killed the game when it comes to clothing,” said sophomore Julia Semilof. “The opening in town is so exciting and convenient. They have everything from bomber jackets to the softest pajama pants.”
Another option for trendy clothes that won’t make a huge dent in your wallet is Mystique Boutique in Manhasset. Mystique sells all of your in and out of school fashion needs. From jumpsuits and lace up dresses that are a fall favorite for a night out, all the way to warm knit socks to wear with your boots, Mystique Boutique seems to have it all. “Mystique is always the first place I go to for any sort of party or event that is not too formal, as they have great ‘night out’ options. However, I also go there for their more casual options that incorporate fall colors and an edgy flare. My only complaint is depending on the item, the quality can be cheap, but it’s worth it for the price and convenience,” said Schreiber alum Lauren Ambos.
Target and Mystique Boutique are great cheap options, but if you’re looking for a better quality outfit they may not be the places for you.
If you’re willing to splurge and spend a little extra on a good quality outfit, you should try Lulu Lemon or Bloomingdales. Lulu Lemon is perfect for fall fashion because of their classic leggings. They provide the perfect combination of comfort and style that you need for school or just running errands. However, they have so much more than just leggings; their athleisure clothing is also very chic. Wearing one of their cute t-shirts paired with patterned leggings will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes.
“I love Lulu, it’s honestly my favorite store to go to because of their athletic clothes, but also their comfy stuff,” said sophomore Abby Weinstein.
Bloomingdale’s is a high-end department store built to please every one of your fashion needs. From jewelry to dresses to everyday wear, when shopping here you cannot leave disappointed. They are always up to date on the newest fashion options.
“When I’m looking for the newest styles, Bloomingdale’s is my go-to. Everything there is so trendy,” said sophomore Emily Edwards.
When shopping at all of your favorite stores, be sure to look out for some of our fall favorites.  Sweaters will always be stylish during this time of year, but lately furry and velvet sweaters have been making their way into everyone’s closet.  These sweaters don’t just look great, but the fabric makes your skin happy too. Pairing these with ripped boyfriend jeans is a perfect fall ensemble.  Other styles that have come about are bomber jackets, Timberland boots, and camouflage patterns.  Still, the most prominent trend making its way to high school kids is edgier outfits.  Chokers, fishnet stockings, and ripped clothes are increasingly being worn as we transition into fall.
“When I go to any concert or music festival, everyone looks so edgy and cool, and I’m really into it,” said sophomore Kate Shanahan.
One other fall style that will come back year after year are flannels. Flannels don’t just look cute buttoned, unbuttoned, or around your waist, but they actually keep you warm in this unpredictable fall weather.
“My flannels are my favorite because they’re not too heavy or too light, they’re perfect for the weather and finishing off my outfits,” said sophomore Sarah Hersh.
During this weird mix of weather, it’s hard to know what to wear.  Nevertheless, at our favorite stores, such as Target, Lulu Lemon, and Bloomingdale’s, the latest styles are always present.  Wearing new and classic styles such as furry sweaters, flannels, and edgy clothing will no doubt make you stand out on the streets and on everyone’s Instagram feeds!