Port Washington library receives $10,000 grant

Library plans to renovate the building and expand its programs

Becky Han, News Editor

On Oct. 10, the Port Washington Public Library received a $10,000 grant.   This grant will be used to expand the library’s numerous programs, including ones dealing with the educational services that are offered to children from kindergarten to grade 12.  The funds will also be spent on renovating the building.

Senator Elaine Phillips secured the grant, which was included as a portion of the “bullet aid” of 2017.  This was designed for the purpose of providing aid for funding programs concerning education for children.  The amount of money that each senator is permitted to hand out via these grants is based on the decisions of the leaders of the party who direct the chamber.  As a result, Republicans currently receive the greatest amount of grants in the Senate.

The money will be used to help with with the expenses required for the renovation of the children’s library, which is very costly.  In addition, the library plans to improve the area of the children’s garden in an effort to include new educational elements.

The Port Washington Public Library also is looking forward to possibly refining its STEM program in order to teach children about the innovative fields of science and technology.

“The Port Washington Public Library is really a great space to be productive.   I’m glad they’re going to be expanding their programs because it will probably benefit many students,” said junior Lois Kim.

The grant will allow Port citizens to visit an upgraded library that will not only showcase a better appearance, but also offer many educational programs of greater quality.  In addition to potentially enhancing its STEM program, the money from the grant will likely be used to help a diverse number of other services and classes.

The Books for Dessert program, which is a book club for adults who have developmental disabilities, is just one example of the wide array of meaningful services the library currently offers.

The money given out through the grant, which actually represents 10 percent of the library’s budget for programs, will play an influential role in developing the education of the children in town.

The library will be using the grant to both improve its services and the building itself, which in turn directly benefits the community as a whole.  Port Washington residents will soon be able to experience better programs as a result of this valuable increase in funding.