No Place for Hate committee fights bias and bullying


Becky Han

The No Place for Hate banners Schreiber received for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years are displayed in the main lobby.

Kayla Hill, Contributing Writer

Last November, a student reported seeing a swastika scrawled onto the wall of the boys’ bathroom. On Nov. 2 this year, similar graffiti was found on school property. The crudely written messages contained racial, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs, which understandably was extremely upsetting to much of the community.  This time around, administrators were quick to take action.  Not only did they hold an assembly for students in every grade, but they also established a school committee called No Place for Hate to ensure that nothing like this happens in the future.

The No Place for Hate committee specializes in eradicating hate at Schreiber and ensuring that no one feels threatened or uncomfortable at school.  Many students have shown interest in the club by signing up in the main office and attending meetings.

“I went the first meeting and it really sparked my interest.  I would love to get more involved,” said sophomore Sarah Tartell.

In the aftermath of the event, students were eager to make a change, and dozens of people, eager to foster a more positive school environment, have gotten involved in some way.

The club has gotten off to a great start in planning various ways to eliminate hate at Schreiber.  During the first two meetings, the discussion focused on cleaning up the offensive graffiti and figuring out how to unify the school in the face of prejudice.

“The No Place For Hate Club is an amazing outlet for students as well as parents to be involved,”  said sophomore Nikki Stern.  “The objective of the club is to not only make people aware of problems society faces, but what we can do to change it.  The club plans to help the students participate in activities that can build skills in how to deal with hateful situations and we hope that the Club affects every person that the program reaches.”

The No Place for Hate Committee is doing wonders for our school by challenging students to spread positivity rather than hatred.  Every member was given a folder with information to spark ideas for change.  Armed with these blue folders and an unwavering sense of open-mindedness and determination, the student body will hopefully be able to resolve these issues.

“I think it’s a great way to spread positivity around school,” said sophomore Laura Zion.

On Dec. 20, the school community will be invited to sign the Resolution of Respect,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Julie Torres.  By signing this resolution, the community agrees to follow six rules that will lead to mutual respect.  Some steps include “speaking out against prejudice”, accepting the individuality of all students and respecting differences amongst the community.

The committee hasn’t been around long, but its members are already making a difference. Join today and take a stand against hate crimes.