A holiday guide to finding the most meaningful Secret Santa gifts

Zoe Basulto, Staff Writer

The end of Thanksgiving marks the unofficial the start of the holiday season.  As a result, high school friend groups shift from celebrating Friendsgiving to participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange.  Secret Santa is when every person in a group is secretly assigned to buy presents for a different friend by drawing names.  This draw leads to a corresponding gift exchange event, usually around Christmas.  Every year, however, friend groups are faced with the same decision: should one buy silly or serious gifts?

Many groups tend to opt for buying funny gifts for each other.  Although the humor in these gifts can’t be overlooked, in the long run friends will appreciate and use meaningful gifts more than funny ones.

Serious or sentimental gifts are often considered to be more meaningful than funny ones.  However, a common complaint is that they require more thought and effort, especially if you don’t know a lot about your person.  If you are lucky enough to get someone you know well, incorporating an inside jokes is almost always the best route. to pursue because they combine silly and meaningful gifts.  Personalizing a cork bulletin board is an excellent option, as you can include photos of you and your friend and decorate it to your heart’s content, and your friend will always be able to look back on those happy memories and smile.

You can still find a perfect gift for your secret santa, even if you don’t know them very well.  of your friend can still lead to a great gift.  For instance, you can buy merchandise from your person’s favorite television show, music artist, sports team, or a college they’ve committed to.  Other options include games that you can play together, such as Cards Against Humanity, or various customized items, like a mug or keychain.

If you’re stuck when it comes to what your assigned person might be interested in, there are plenty of general gift ideas that work as well.  Themed gifts tend to be the best resort if this is the case.  For example, a winter-themed gift could include any combination of a blanket, hot chocolate, hat, gloves, scarf, or fuzzy socks.  A beauty-oriented gift could be filled with different lotions, face masks, or makeup options. You could center your gifts on technology by buying headphones, a phone case, or a portable charger.  As long as you a broad idea of what they might like, pick out a few smaller items within this area that almost anyone can use.  However, if you are still unsure, gift cards are always a great option because they allow the person to get exactly what they like.  Target, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, or a local movie theater gift card will cater to anyone’s tastes.

Along with any of these gifts, an assortment of your friend’s favorite candies or snacks and a holiday card are always a nice addition to any secret santa gift.  Wrapping and presentation can make all the difference in a gift.  Using holiday wrapping paper, tissue paper, festive bags, and bows can all significantly upgrade any gift.  If the items are small enough, presenting them in a mug or Mason jar also looks nice.  No matter what you end up purchasing, make sure to keep any receipts just in case your friend needs to return anything.

Using these strategies, you’re guaranteed to find a meaningful gift that your friend will enjoy.