Editorial: Charging station vandalism

The school day is extremely draining, both for students and their cell phone batteries. People are constantly asking each other to borrow a charger, and ins response to this concern, brand-new charging stations have been placed around the school for students to use throughout the day. There are currently two stations in the main lobby, as well as one in the cafeteria.

These stations have become very very beneficial to use if students’ phones are running low on battery.  Additionally, since it is a common occurrence that students may forget to charge their phone overnight or forget to bring a charger to school, these charging stations have become incredibly popular.  However, students have been taking advantage of this privilege and have been cutting up the charging station cords, which is extremely disrespectful.

This vandalism makes the wires and charging stations useless for students who need to use their phones throughout the long school day.  Now that the cords are being destroyed, it is unknown whether or not more charging stations will be provided in other areas of the school.  As these stations were a very generous donation from the school district and administrators, destroying this privilege is not only disrespectful, but also runs the risk of ruining it for the whole school and the students who desperately need to charge their phones.

As students, we should be trying to make our school a better, more beautiful place instead of deliberately damaging it.  Although some students might feel otherwise about these charging stations, that does not mean that they should be going around ruining it for others who truly need it.