Rally for Refugees club unites against the refugee crisis

Schreiber students will help refugees start their new life in the US

Emily Levine and Sally Hirschwerk

Earlier this year, sophomores Eleni Christou, Sally Hirschwerk, Emily Levine, and Ella Penson started a new club called Rally for Refugees.  The club’s primary objective  is to raise money and other supplies that will help support some of the 65.3 million refugees around the world.

In order to do this, Rally for Refugees will be organizing fundraising events and working to spread with different non-for-profit organizations around the globe to promote awareness of the serious problem at hand.

“I think it’s great that we’re able to raise not only money, but also awareness for innocent men and women who have been forced to flee their country,” said sophomore Luca Barbosa.  “It’s genuinely inspiring to see how my classmates feel about this and hopefully we can make a significant impact on their lives.”

Currently, the club’s efforts focus on the refugee crisis in the Middle East, especially in Syria.  Millions of displaced men, women, and children have been forced to flee their homes due to violence, discrimination, and injustice. Many of these refugees now live in abject poverty and lack access to basic necessities, such as food and water.  Any contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference, and Rally for Refugees intend to collect donations of items and determine where they are most needed.

Every few weeks, the club is determined to take on a new project.  The first step is to discuss the possible organizations that work to support the refugee crisis, and eventually choose one as their main focus.  The next step is to come up with ways to fundraise and eventually carry out the plans.  The leaders are currently considering activities such as a clothing drive and canned food donations.

“Rally for Refugees raises money for a great cause, supporting refugees and leaving club members with a gratified feeling. By organizing events like these, you can help to improve the lives of so many people.”

For the refugees that are fortunate enough to come to America, life can be extremely difficult, something as simple as receiving school supplies, can make all the difference.  The conditions in the camps are so dire that it is imperative to take a stand.

“Half of Syria’s refugees are children, and we know what can happen to children who grow to adulthood without hope or opportunity in refugee camps.  The camps become fertile recruiting grounds for violent extremists,” said Samantha Power, former ambassador to the United Nations.

In order for this club to reach its goals, it needs the support of the student body.Should you have any questions, the club’s founders would be more than happy to answer them. They look forward to working with an open-minded and determined group of students, and they hope that everyone considers being part of this movement.  Rally for Refugees is always open to new members, and anyone should feel free to stop by the Commons on Friday mornings. After all, the smallest help makes the biggest difference.