A sneak peak at some of the hot trends expected for 2018

Molly Schiff, Staff Writer

What better way to ring in the new year than with new fashion trends?  Step outside, and you are likely to see a wide variety of fresh fashion.
For those who are still stuck in the chill of the winter weather we have been experiencing, pom-pom hats and big scarves are making a comeback and providing a way to stay comfy while utilizing a statement piece in your outfit.  However, spring will be here before we know it, and the fashion world is more than prepared.  Trends that are sure to be a hit in the coming months include clear rain gear, dark-wash denim, and lots of floral prints.
“I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for clothing,” said Junior Natasha Pelossof.  “It is really noticeable that fashion companies have started to listen to the younger demographic and create innovative trends that will appeal to them.”
Floral prints have not always been the center of attention when it comes to high fashion.  Prior to recent years, you were more likely to see your grandma or her living room couch rocking a print of flowers.  But as outdated prints have begun to make a comeback, many well-known fashion labels have begun to reinvent everything to do with flowers.  Last year saw an increase in embroidered clothing, many designs of which included elaborate flowers.  Now, flowers are being embraced in all their printed glory.  Louis Vuitton and Chanel recently debuted collections at Fashion Week featuring all sorts of floral-printed clothing, while global publications such as Vogue have begun to incorporate floral fashion in editorial looks.
“I’m really excited for the spring and summer season this year. I love floral and I’m so glad it made a comeback,” said junior Hannah Smith.
Another trend that is making a splash – while keeping you protected from any splashes – is clear rain gear.  Though this is yet another fashion look that serves as a blast from the past, brands such as Miu Miu and Burberry have reinvented the transparent fashion to fit a more functional lifestyle.  Seeing as Burberry is based in London, they might know a thing or two about rainy-day fashion!  Burberry has continued to introduce new concepts of clear clothing by incorporating pieces such as translucent tops and rubbery skirts into everyday outfits.  These pieces, when worn with floral prints, are a great way to embrace the retro vibes of ‘90’s fashion while still being fashion forward in today’s day and age.
“I’m really into the trends I have seen so far this year, especially the idea of bringing back clear raincoats.  Hopefully I’ll get to buy one soon,” said junior Sarabeth Schiff.
Fashion trends give people something to be excited about as the year goes on.  There will always be something new that comes up, and there’s something in the fashion world for everybody.  The possibilities are endless!