Students make cakes to celebrate college commitments

Jamie Ambros, Staff Writer

Let’s face it: high school can suck.  Being a freshman brings with it the embarrassment of, well, being a freshman; sophomore year introduces the fear of being an upperclassmen; junior year, aptly called “hell year”, requires no further explanation; but being a senior means you have finally made it to the end of your high school career.  This in itself deserves congratulation; however, you are not quite there yet.  The final obstacle is one that sets the stage for your new life outside of the town you have known better than the back of your hand: getting into college.
Now, this is a lot of pressure to put on one task.  Writing essays, touring campus after campus, and finally submitting the test scores and grades you have worked so hard for—it just never seems to end.  The lengthy application process can certaintly leave anyone feeling demoralized and stressed beyond belief—not to mention the wait that ensues.  But, before you know it, the acceptance letter comes.  You are in college!  And more importantly, it is time for you to have your cake (and eat it too).
For those who are not familiar with what a college cake is, it is usually a sheet cake in an aluminum container, covered in unevenly-spread frosting and crooked writing that your friends may or may not smudged in their frantic excitement.  This cake is not only a way for your friends to express their congratulations towards the hard work that got you into the college of your dreams, but also a way for you to feel special as you are surrounded by the support of everyone who cares about you.
Having the support of friends and family is undoubtedly an important factor in being able to cope with stress.  Preparing to enter a new stage of your life definitely qualifies as an extremely stressful time, and it makes all the difference to know that you have a support system that will be there for you no matter where you end up.
Making the cakes is also a fun way for a group to get together to celebrate their friend’s accomplishment.  Everyone knows the college process is a grueling one, so it is even more important to have the most fun you can when someone you are close with makes it to the end of the process.
“I love getting together with my friends to make and decorate cakes to celebrate our friends committing to college, it’s been one of my favorite parts of senior year so far.   It adds to the excitement and is such a great way for everyone to support their friends and their accomplishments,” said senior Lauren Seltzer.
After all the talk of celebrating your friends and yourself after a college acceptance, it comes time to make a killer cake.  But what if you are a terrible baker and cannot decorate for the life of you?  You do not have to worry.  There is no set guideline to making these cakes; in fact, you can get as creative as you want.
“When making college cakes for my friends, I would use different colors and sprinkles and decorations to make them fun.  I would put a lot of effort into them to make my friends know how much I care.  I used different colored frostings, different fonts, and tried my hardest on the school logos, which were sometimes tricky,” said Schreiber alum Jessica Hyland.
College acceptance cakes are more than just props for a Snapchat photoshoot.  They are a way to celebrate a huge accomplishment and milestone in your life, as well as a simple way to make your friends feel special after their hard work pays off.  Something as simple as baking a cake for your friend is a way to let them know you are there for them until the end, and that is something sweeter than any dessert you could make.