Wrestling Team Cleans up Main Street

Sydney Kass, Contributing Writer

On Dec. 3, the Schreiber wrestling team took to the streets and cleaned up all of Main St., from the top of the road to the Town Dock.  The team split up into two groups and, starting at opposite ends, they worked their way towards the middle.  As they made their way up the street, the wrestlers gathered cans, bottles, and other debris along the route’s sidewalks and parking lots.
“I definitely think that we have to take better care of the community,” said senior Brenden Vintimilla.
The cleanup was initiated by Schreiber wrestling coach Mr. Anthony Schettino.  In addition, the Town of North Hempstead and the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District helped organize the event and made sure that the team had the proper tools and means to effectively accomplish the task.
“What better way to give back to a community that has supported us than to directly do something that positively impacts a major part of our town?” said Coach Schettino.  “Due to the size of our team, I decided we’d be able to handle a large area in town, and what better spot to tackle than Main Street top to bottom?”
Through their efforts, the wrestlers wished to show their appreciation for the community.  The students added that it helped them realize that it takes real action to help ensure that trash in the town finds its way to the garbage or recycling bin.  With their new perspectives, the wrestlers are now compelled to call on others to help preserve public beauty and cleanliness.
The initial clean up in December also inspired some of the wrestlers to try and continue to maintain Main Street’s sanitation. For many of the wrestlers, the event was a rewarding experience which fostered a greater sense of community and environmental awareness.
“Now I’ve started picking up whatever I see on the street because, when I cleaned, there was so much trash that I noticed,” said freshman Trey McDermott.
With a cleaner Main Street, Port Washington is set to start off the New Year on the right foot – free of debris with a resolution to keep garbage in the bins and off the streets.