Editorial: The science department’s chair conundrum

Students are expected to maintain the same level of focus throughout the 7-hour school day. Especially with curricula which require extensive note-taking, paying attention to the lesson and writing down notes is difficult enough as it is. 

However, in many of the science classrooms, it is particularly challenging to remain focused.  In these rooms, small, stool-like chairs have been provided for students. 

These chairs are poorly designed, with barely enough space for one person to sit, as well as extremely small backs that make it difficult to sit comfortably.  In these chairs, students are forced to lean forwards.  As a result, students are ill at ease and are unable to pay attention to the material being taught in class. 

The worst part of this arrangement is that the pain does not end when you leave class.  After an hour of sitting like this, you are greeted with soreness and back pain.  These chairs may be intended to force students to focus more, but they simply lead to uncomfortable and poor learning conditions for students.
Although the district is attempting to replace the chairs, the process is taking far too long.  The year is almost over, AP tests are approaching, and staying focused should not be a hurdle. 

For this reason, The Schreiber Times proposes that these chairs be replaced as soon as possible, and that the replacement be made an absolute priority by the district.  Moreover, the science department should be consulted on the type of chair to be used as a replacement because only the teachers would know what is best for students.  This would allow for optimal comfort and a less tense learning environment for teachers to give lectures.  It is a simple fix that would result in a considerable increase in students’ ability to learn.