Girl Scout cookies season


Rebecca Charno, Assistant Editor of News

It is currently everyone’s favorite time of the year: Girl Scout cookie season.  While some love the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas or the summer months, Girl Scout cookie season trumps all because of the deliciousness that it brings to our doorsteps year after year.

From thin mints to samoas, Girl Scout cookies cover all of their bases.  The tastes range from minty to chocolate overload to the smoothness of coconut.  With this large variety of cookies, there truly is something for everyone.

Not only do Girl Scouts deliver fantastic cookies year after year, but the girls also take away great skills from their selling process.

The young entrepreneurs learn how to make a sales pitch, deal with the responsibility of handling money, and improve upon their people skills.  These are all extremely important abilities that will help these Girl Scouts for the rest of their lives.

Girl Scout Cookie season brings so much more than just cookies.  It allows for the blossoming of young businesswomen in our town in the form of cardboard boxes.  And while these boxes happen to contain delicious treats, it is important to remember that the reason for the circulation of these treats lies deeper than their deliciousness.