Hempstead Harbor Shoreline

Gaby Chu, Staff Writer

Recently, the Town of North Hempstead received a $450,000 grant to extend the Hempstead Harbor Shoreline Trail.  This grant comes from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council Initiative Award, which was established in 2011 with the intention of creating jobs and improving quality of life through economic growth.

“I love going to the trail since it provides such a nice way to enjoy nature and the beauty of our own town,” said junior Julia Bischoff.

This marks the second time a large sum of money has been dedicated towards this trail.  Back in 2015, $800,000 was used to add one mile to the previously quarter mile trail.  Over $300,000 of that money came from the Nassau County Bond Act and a grant from New York State Parks.  Now, the trail will be extended another 4,972 feet, making it almost two miles in length.  In addition, the town itself is going to match the grant with their own $450,000.

“The trail is a really nice place to walk,” said junior Grace Lee.  “It’s amazing that people are trying to make it even better.  It will really add to the community.”

This new grant is one piece of the $3 million of state funding that the North Hempstead area received in mid-December.  The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health, the historic Westbury House, and the NYU Winthrop Hospital are among the other establishments receiving money.  

Funding to these institutions is going towards establishing a computational genomics center, restoring the roof of the historic 111 year old house, and training outpatient private practitioners in new medical billing codes, respectively. 

“The area around the beach park is so beautiful and I’m really glad to hear that the town is taking advantage of how scenic that part of town is,” said junior Karen Kohama. 

The Hempstead Beach Park area has become a large center of attention, leading town officials to make it a priority among other important town issues.  Officials hope that the extension of the shoreline trail will continue to attract local residents as well as people from out of town, as it gives guests a lovely view and a chance to connect to nature.  This expansion is just the start to fully developing the waterfront and making Hempstead Harbor one of the most exciting waterfront destinations on Long Island.

“Developing the shoreline trail is a really good idea,” said senior Tyler Wong.  “I haven’t been there before, but after the extension I will make sure to visit.”