The best way to spend Valentine’s Day can be found in a box of chocolate

Chocolate is the universal dessert of Valentines Day.

Chocolate is the universal dessert of Valentine’s Day.

Molly Schiff, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again:  The shelves are lined with chocolate galore, wrapped in different shades of red and pink tinfoil.  There are somehow more heart candies, big bears, and fake roses than last year.  It’s Valentine’s Day season.

With the increase of love in the air comes a spike in prices of everything chocolate and Valentine’s-related.  However, after this holiday, those Valentine’s Day delicacies need to be taken off the store shelves.  Every year, after Valentine’s Day, the prices of candy plummet nationwide, and all of our favorite things become much more affordable. If you need a chocolate fix, wait until after Valentines day for the best prices.
One of the best ways to save money is to shop right after the holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  The candy, bears, and other things that you will purchase after this holiday could be very useful for future celebrations.  For example, all the candy that you buy from this Valentines Day sale could be very useful come Easter.  

“My family likes to use Valentines Day candy in Easter recipes. There are just so many options,” said sophomore Arianna Asselta.
Valentine’s Day chocolates can easily be repurposed. Once you melt them, you can use them as the base for truffles, ganache, or any other chocolate desert you can imagine!

The post-Valentine’s Day Candy sale is an event that many people look forward to.  I mean, who doesn’t want cheap candy?  These sales allow people to indulge and enjoy themselves. 

“I love eating chocolate, and buying it after Valentine’s Day makes it easier since it’s so much cheaper,” said junior Natasha Pelossof.
Valentine’s day is a holiday that is embodied by all things sweet, which is why Valentine’s Day sales get everyone so excited. 

“The sweetness of candy is a symbol for the love in our hearts,” said junior Zach Gruber.

People are generally in good spirits as a result of the holiday, and even happier upon realizing that all of their favorite candies are fifty percent off.  The stores that partake in these sales are wise to offer discounts, because while they are reducing the prices of the candy, more people are buying the candy.  These numbers will hopefully balance out to give the store owners a bigger profit, so everyone’s a winner. The customers get the candy that they crave all year round, and the business owners get more business.  Everyone is content, and it’s all because of these Valentine’s Day sentiments.