Virtual tour viewing at PWPL

Rebecca Charno, Assistant Editor of News

As we enter the heart of winter, we often find ourselves spending time inside staring at screens for hours.  And while entertaining ourselves with whatever show catches our attention seems like an ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, there are events in Port Washington that can fill this time.

A fun example of this is the virtual tour now offered at the library.  Although most of us know next to nothing about our beloved town, the librarians at the Port Washington Public Library certainly do.

Using old photos of Port Washington, the PWPL staff put together an interactive tour that is available for screening.  The tour was presented on Feb. 12 at 2:30 PM.

To view the virtual tour, make sure to visit the library in the future and inquire about another viewing time.  Although there are no current plans for a second viewing, the library may put on a repeat viewing if enough people are interested.  And let’s be real, nothing says fun like learning about the history of Port Washington.