Boys lacrosse destined for another great season



Sophomore Zander Stapleton jukes a defender during a scrimmage game against Manhasset on Mar. 19. The Vikings won the game 8-5.

Justin Tawill, Contributing Writer

The spring sport season began on March, and with the start of the season comes the hope that many teams will be able to achieve success. Last year, the boys across team finished the season with an 11-6 record.  This impressive record now sets the standard for what may be a year in which the team wins the Nassau County title.  It would be a great accomplishment for the boys, as they fell one win short of reaching the title game last year when they lost to Massapequa 15-4.  

This would be the first time the team has won the county championship in 23 years, since 1995.

“It was a crushing defeat to lose to Massapequa, but this year we have the help of some really good players to prepare to get revenge,” said sophomore Brian Caslow.

One of those instrumental players is senior Drew Turner, who has recently committed to Ithaca to play lacrosse.  The team is training hard, practicing from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., six days a week.  Their first game is against the Hewlett Bulldogs on Mar. 23, in which the team is hopes to secure its first win of what will hopefully be an excellent season.  The game that will attract the biggest crowd and the most attention is the game against Syosset.

The Port Washington Vikings and the Syosset Braves are on a collision course which will culminate in an epic matchup on April 27.  Last year, the boys suffered a tough defeat at the hand of the Braves, losing 13-7, but they hope to bounce back and defeat Syosset in this intense cross-town rivalry.  If they are able to win this matchup, it will be a huge step forward in the process to win the championship and achieve their ultimate goal this season.  

“Syosset is going to be one of the hardest games we’ve ever played, but we’ll be ready,” said sophomore Mikey Biel.

The Syosset Braves are one of the best teams in Nassau county, as they were able to make it to last year’s semifinals.

Not only will the Vikings be suiting up against Syosset, but they are also preparing for the matches against the four other teams that they lost to last year.   This includes Massapequa, last year’s county champions.  The other losses include strong teams such as Farmingdale, South Side, and North Shore.  

“This year is looking different. We want it more than ever, we were so close, and we are not losing out on the chance to play for the championship,” said Caslow. 

Biel and Caslow have made their goals clear, and it seems that this focused mentality has spread to the entire team. 

This year the Vikings have added an unusual addition to the team: eighth grader Henry Haberman.

“Haberman’s talent is out of this world. It’s really cool to play with someone so young and talented,” said Biel. 

However, Haberman has recently injured his hand, although he is expected to make a comeback and play for at least part of the season.  Haberman may bring talent to the team, but the rising seniors, some of whom have been on the team for four years, are hungry for the championship.

“It’s my first year on varsity and I’m excited to play with seniors like Drew Turner, John Athanasian, James Dalimonte, Harry Basham, Garrett Ressa, and Tommy Dover,” said sophomore Aidan Murphy.

The Vikings’ goal of becoming the Nassau county champions will be challenging, but with the team’s overwhelming amount of talent, the boys expect to have a great year.  The future is looking bright for the lacrosse team, as young stars are on the rise and many of the team veterans are looking to capture the school’s first county title in over two decades.