Editorial: Deli-quality food for free? Sign me up!

During the week of March 4, the cafeteria offered free breakfast every morning to all students.  The school decided to do this because many students are unaware that they qualify for free breakfast The week also provided students with the opportunity to become aware of the variety of food options offered at Schreiber.  The school district wants students and parents to be aware of their efforts to reduce the number of processed foods served and introduce healthy alternatives instead.
Although breakfast is widely regarded as the most important meal of the day, many students find that they simply don’t have the time to eat breakfast before school.  Many students grab a granola bar—or sometimes nothing at all— on their way out of the door to tide them over until lunch, which is not enough to help students focus during their morning classes.  Free breakfast week was extremely convenient, as it promoted healthy eating habits and encouraged students to make time for breakfast.
Many students are unaware of the vast amount of breakfast options that the cafeteria offers each morning.  The cafeteria also offers coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, which can be the perfect early morning pick-me-ups.
By offering free lunch, the district hoped for students to learn more about their eligibility for free or reduced breakfast and lunch during the entire school year.  Students can apply for free breakfast and lunch on the school website.
This week of free breakfast was a extremely generous and informative effort on the part of the school district.  Hopefully, the event will have encouraged more students to eat breakfast each morning.