Spring Clothing Drive

Becky Han, News Editor

Despite the fact that springtime is one of the most hectic times of year, many Port students were still able to show some impressive community spirit through their participation in this year’s Spring Clothing Drive.

“Springtime is pretty busy for me, but I still made sure to donate some things I bought but never got to wear or just grew out of for the drive,” said junior Alexa Adjudanpor.  “It feels really rewarding to do something good for my community.”

From March 19-23, collections of spring and summer clothing, prom dresses, sporting equipment, and school concert attire were donated by Port residents.  These articles were all distributed to those in our community who are unable to afford them for their families.  The collection boxes were located in the lobby of each school in the district, as well as at Manorhaven Pool.

“This seems to be a very thoughtful and commendable action,” said junior Naomi Necakov.  “It’s great to see people thinking about the community.”

The clothing is being distributed from March 22-24 at the lobby of Manorhaven Pool.  In order to be admitted to the distribution area and select items at the drive, families are required to bring tickets.  This entrance ticket can be printed from an online flyer. 

Donating articles of clothing, as opposed to just throwing them out, has an indisputably positive impact.  The success of the 2018 Spring Clothing Drive, which was sponsored by the Port Washington School District, Port Washington Parents’ Council, and Town of North Hempstead, showcased this principle, as it promoted a sense of communal harmony.  Not only did the event help those who are in need, but the process of donating clothing also promised benefits to the environment, as the donated clothes went to people in need instead of to landfills.

“It’s heartwarming to see that there were a lot of people who were a part of this,” said said junior Elizabeth Betz.  “I feel like it just shows how united Port is.”