Ways to prepare for and execute the perfect promposal

Molly Schiff, Staff Writer

Prom is a time filled with excitement. However, what comes with the bustle of activity surrounding this event is an immense amount of stress regarding finding a date.  As if finding the perfect outfit and booking hair and makeup appointments were not stressful enough, juniors and seniors alike must worry about having the perfect promposal.  Everyone has seen viral videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram involving the most elaborate plans to either ask or be asked to prom, each perfectly and uniquely executed.  This really puts the pressure on for the perfect promposal.  But don’t worry; there are many different ways seal the date for you.
“Prom seems like so much fun. I can’t wait for next year,” said sophomore Arianna Asselta
 A classic way to ask someone to prom is by using their favorite food.  Many people have made this work by using pizza, cookies, brownies, or other food items with the words “prom?” written in a variety of ways. You can also incorporate a culinary pun into your promposal. You can’t go wrong with food, right?  To make sure all goes right, be one hundred percent sure of their favorite food before putting the promposal together.  There are many examples as to how this promposal went completely right, and you could be one of them! 
 Another sure-fire way to get a date is to make a poster. No, not just any poster, but a poster customized to your date’s interests, hobbies, or personality. For this poster idea to stand out from the rest, you truly have to tailor your poster to your potential date.  Cute ideas for this include tailoring the poster to someone’s height, writing a phrase that incorporates their name, or just decorating it with everything you know the person has an interest in.  When done right, this idea is very cute and one of the easiest to execute.
“I loved my brother’s promposal,” said junior Nicole Jimenez. “He waited in his girlfriend’s backyard with her friends before she got home with huge balloon letters that said ‘Prom.’ He also had a big sign that asked her to prom by using her name and the college she was going to.” 
 Some people go above and beyond the typical promposal in efforts to woo their date to the point where they just can’t say no.  These people have done many things in order to really stand out from the crowd such as writing songs, choreographing dances, or even presenting their potential dates with flowers. You don’t need to go to extreme lengths with your promposal, but if you really want your date to feel special, putting in a bit of effort will make all the difference.
Prom is one of high school’s most memorable experiences, and rather than worrying about the little things, everyone should just become absorbed in the energy and have a wonderful time.