Boys tennis swings into a new season with high expectations



Senior Dylan Spilko slams the ball in a match at home April 9. The team went on to dominate the match 5-2

Jack Schindler , Contributing Writer

Coming off a successful season last year, the boys tennis team is expecting an

even better season this spring. Although last year’s team made it all the way to the

semi-finals—where they lost to a talented Roslyn squad—things are looking even better this time

around. With a strong start, great new talent, a new coach, and strong leaders, the Vikings may

very well finish the season with a championship. Both the Varsity and JV team have done well so far with winning records and impressive victories. All in all, the expectations for this year’s Varsity team

are quite high, and it seems like the boys will live up to the hype.

Up until now, the Vikings have been successful overall. The Varsity team is 3 and 1

up to this point. The team has defeated Great Neck, Cold Spring Harbor, and Manhasset,

beating them five to two, four to three, and five to two, respectively. The team’s only loss came

against county powerhouse Plainview, yet it’s important to note that it was the first game of the

season. Not only that, but the team is also playing in the most competitive conference on Long Island, making their victories even more impressive. If they can continue as they have so far, they will do extremely well in the playoffs.

“I think we have a really good shot at making the finals this year and maybe even

winning,” said sophomore Daniel Hart.

The team’s strong start shows a lot of promise for the upcoming season and hopefully,

their victories will continue to grow as the season progresses. There are three major reasons why the Vikings season is looking especially strong this year. The first asset to the Vikings season this year is their new head coach, Coach Helfner. Coach Helfner is replacing Coach Travis, who retired last year. The new coach has brought a lot to the game, teaching players many new things about their sport. Another huge advantage of Helfner’s is his lighthearted yet competitive attitude. He wants his team to be the best and to win the championship.

“Coach Helfner’s is a very constructive coach with a great drive to win,” said sophomore

Charlie Dash.

Helfner’s ambition and passion for the game will definitely help the Vikings this season.

Along with a new coaching staff, many other factors may contribute to a successful season. Many notable players will help the Vikings succeed this year. The two captains this

year are senior doubles partners Dylan Spilko and Justin Suzzan. Both seniors, the two

athletes have shown great talent and leadership throughout the season. As the top doubles

team, they are an essential part of the team on and off the court.  A third potential reason for the Vikings early success are new players being brought up from the freshman and sophomore classes. This is extremely important because it ensures many successful years in the future for the team. For example, the most successful singles player on the team is freshman Gabrielli Brancatelli. Many players have been impressed by his success, especially because of his age.

“It’s incredible to see a young player help lead the team. He isn’t just a great player, but

team player who will help our team go far this season.” said sophomore Sam Schaub.

Young talents like Gabrielli are another reason why the Vikings are having and will have

great success this season. Overall the team’s new coaching staff, its leadership, and its

promising new players are all reasons why the team feels destined to succeed this year.

The Vikings have proven themselves as the best of the best many times this season and

before. Talented players of all ages have been contributing to their success on and off

the court as they hope to bring home a championship this year. The undying spirit and the drive

for victory on this team will lead them to great things this season.