Editorial: Supporting our teams away

With the arrival of warmer weather comes an increase in attendance at Schreiber’s home sports games.  Although students often make a point of attending home games, many people want to become even more involved in Schreiber’s athletics by also attending away games.  However, due to a lack of transportation options, students do not have easy access to out-of-town games. Therefore, Schreiber should make transportation to these sports games more efficient and accessible.

Especially during the fall and spring sports seasons, Schreiber students can be found attending home games on the track or turf.  Providing transportation options would give student spectators the opportunity to cheer on their friends and peers.

 Many athletes enjoy seeing familiar faces as well as having the encouragement of their friends at these pressuring games.  Essentially, providing transportation to away games would benefit both the players and the audience.

Since there are plenty of amenities that Schreiber already pays for regarding after school activities, it is not realistic for the school to provide free transportation to every game for every single sports team.  However, Schreiber should at least provide students with easy access to arrange buses and transportation if students are willing to pay the bus fees.  This may include creating a new club or gathering a group of interested students to take care of organizing transportation to each game.

Earlier in the fall season, the Junior Class Club collected funds to rent a bus to provide students with transportation to the championship football game.  During lunch periods, students collected money from students who wanted to go to the game.  Interested students simply had to sign their names.  This was a great idea set up by the Junior Class Club and this transportation option should be offered for every game.

Schreiber should provide students with the option to attend away games so they can cheer on their friends and express their pride for Schreiber athletics.