I spy a new fun place for teenagers in New York City



The new spy museum that recently opened in New York City, called the Spyscape Museum, has attracted many young high schoolers, as well as parents with their families.

Frankie Adler, Staff Writer

The Spyscape Museum recently opened in New York City, attracting thousands of people to bring their families and friends for a fun and mysterious time.  The museum consists of different obstacles with the ultimate goal of having each guest ranked as their ideal spy type based on their results.  

A lot of people may think that museums are boring, especially young children.  The Spyscape museum provides an interactive mission where both kids and adults can enjoy being a spy.  The museum also gives real spy artifacts that can be used and looked at to help complete your very own mission. 

 “The Spyscape museum sounds really exciting and looks like a good experience,” said freshman Avery Silfin. 

The first step in the mission is to find out which spy you really are.  It is called the briefing stage. In this stage, you’re asked a series of questions about your personality.  The debrief then gives every person their own spy character and personality that they will use for the remainder of their mission.

The next stage is encrypting.  This is where you learn how to read and understand secret messages.  These are then sent to the people who are trapped with the enemy, who are trying to free.  Don’t worry, these people aren’t actually trapped.  This is important because in a real spy situation you always want to protect the victims and help them as much as you can. 

“This museum sounds really cool and fun. It can inspire people to become a spy in real life if they enjoy it so much,” said freshman Remi Haas. 

Another part of the Spyscape museum are interrogation booths.  This is where you attempt to detect if someone is lying or telling the truth.  This comes up a lot in the work of spies, and the booths are based off of real life examples.  In this process, high tech software will determine your gestures, expressions, and voice. It then gives you the results and the strategies to help you become a better liar and detect when others are lying to you.  This state-of-the-art software is extremely cool and fun to play around with. 

The next step of this museum journey tests your observation skills.  On a 360 degrees screen, there are tons of surveillance camera feeds and machines that can be used to see different parts of the building. 

In a room of lasers and lights, to get through you need to jump, crawl, and run to different places around the room in order to escape or reach your target.  The special ops section tests your ability to make quick decisions on the spot.  This is the most interactive and hands-on part of the museum and it allows people to see and understand what real spies have to do sometimes to complete their missions.

At the end of the tour, the final debrief takes place.  This is where an advanced profiling system, built by real spies and psychologists, comes in.  It matches you with your spy profile and discovers which type of spy would best fit you.  For instance, a hacker, a special ops officer, etc.  At the end of your mission, you leave with an enjoyable feeling and much more knowledge about this important profession. 

The Spyscape museum has inspired tons of people to learn more and to interact more with this subject.  Spyscape would be a great and fun experience to have with your family or friends.