New club encourages discussion and empowerment


Gaby Chu

The Women Empowerment Club meets to discuss future events. The new clubs aims to be a space for all students to express their ideas.

Gaby Chu, Staff Writer

The New Women Empowerment Club had its first meeting on Apr. 13.   Junior Izzy Jackson started working towards its creation a few months ago.  The club’s main objective is to create a space where all members of the student body feel included and important while learning about what it means to be a feminist.

Jackson began this club after becoming more aware of feminist activism and realizing how important it is.  She wanted to create a club where students would be free to express their opinions without judgement or fear, giving them a voice in the school.  Jackson hopes to educate people on feminism and focus on empowering women in the community.

“I started this club because I want a safe space for women and men to express their thoughts and make the change they always wanted in the school or community,” said Jackson.  “You don’t have to be a woman to join the club.”  

The Women Empowerment Club is going to be heavily influenced by its members’ contribution and participation.

“This club is open to interpretation. It’s going to be a space where people have their thoughts heard and where people can really be a part of something no matter what they believe in,” said Jackson.

The club aims to have at least one big event by the end of the school year, whether that be a large fundraiser, charity event, or attending a march or a walk.  In addition, other club events are going to include community service, discussions, and public speakers.  Community service events are planned to take place at domestic violence shelters.  There, members will be able to hear stories from different women, which will ideally make an impact on their lives.  

“I’m so excited that a club like this finally exists.  I think our school will benefit from its existence.  Many people showed up to the first meeting, so it really shows how many people care and are interested in feminism and empowering women,” said junior Julia Bischoff.

Discussions will be a large part of the club as well, since a cornerstone idea of the club is having a safe space for people to talk about topics they are passionate about and feel are relevant.  The discussions are aimed towards educating people on feminism and what it means to be a feminist.  Furthermore, public speakers will include elected officials, business owners, and female relatives of the members.  These women will talk about their experience as a female in their field of work, such as politics, fashion, and education. 

“This club is completely student-centered. I am just here to watch, learn, and help everybody,” said club advisor Ms. Sacha.

Another large idea of this club is changing the negative connotations and stereotypes of feminists.  The club aims to help people understand that feminism is about equality and educate people on inequality, such as in the workplace.

“Schreiber has never had a place like this before,” said junior Pam Stern, vice president of the club.  “There needs to be a place for understanding and even just a middle ground, even if you aren’t a feminist.”

There were many people in attendance at the first meeting who were eager and passionate to participate in the activities.

“Empowering women, especially in our own community, is so important, and I’m really happy that it is now a club,” said junior Veronica Lee.  “I really think that it is going to make a positive impact on our school and community.”