Students shine during Shakespeare Day performances


Yefei Yao

Seniors Valentina Scotto, Julia Gurlitz, and Emma Goldman perform during fifth period. Shakespeare Day was held throughout the school day on April 23, in the auditorium.

Jackeline Fernandes, Staff Writer

On Monday, April 23, the student body came together to enjoy the Schreiber’s 26th annual Shakespeare Day. The event was originally scheduled to take place on Friday, April 20, but it had to be rescheduled in anticipation of the  National School Walkout, which took place on the same day.

Shakespeare Day was created in order to pay tribute to the works of William Shakespeare and to honor his advances in theater and literature that have since influenced the world.  This event also allowed students to recognize that his contributions can be fun and, at times, quite comical. 

Traditionally, Shakespeare Day is scheduled around the playwright’s birthday, but this year the event was extra special since it fell on his actual birthday, April 23.

“It’s a day to celebrate his amazing writing pieces and we are all so inspired by his talent,” said junior Anais Puentes.  “The event is insightful, and we learn what our lives could have been like in those years while having fun.”

Throughout the school day, students and staff members gathered in the Schreiber auditorium to watch the various Shakespeare-related skits, musical performances, and videos that were created and presented by students.

“I’m in one of the videos, and it was really fun making it with other people,” said sophomore Danielle Weinstein. “I think it’s cool that we made a video that reflects Shakespearean themes since he was a brilliant playwright during his time.”

In addition, there was an abundance of competitions that students could compete in as well if they didn’t have the chance to participate in the performances. Competitions for best t-shirt, mask, portrait, and sonnet were held this year. 

Shakespeare Day was put together through a lot of hard work on the part of juniors and seniors who applied to be Shakespeare Day coordinators, including Piper Woods, Daisy Griffin, Megan Day, and Rachel Silberg, as well as English teacher and faculty Shakespeare Day coordinator Mrs. Donna Valenti.

These students were in charge of getting the school to participate in the different performances throughout the day.  Many of the Shakespeare Day coordinators made their own projects for the event as well.  It took months of preparation to organize this grand event.

The Theatre Arts classes will be performing in the event with various scenes from Shakespeare’s plays for the scene contest.  Additionally, Schreiber’s Mixed Choir will be singing “Blow Blow thou Winter Wind” and “Candido.”

“It’s exciting to perform these songs for the event,” said sophomore Derrick Weisburd, a member of the Mixed Choir.  “They definitely captivate the feel of Shakespeare Day.”

During 4.2 period, there was also a showing of videos of juniors Piper Woods and Ben Rosenberg reading lines from Macbeth in a Jersey Shore and Russian accent, respectively.

Ms. Margaret Rizzo’s Culture and Foods class also prepared snacks to fit the theme for Shakespeare Day.  Among some of the snacks prepared were fruit tarts and pumpkin bread.

Overall, Shakespeare Day is an event that is enjoyed by both the performers and the students watching the performances.  It worked to bring the school together under one cause to celebrate the works of an influential playwright.

“Many of the acts are actually pretty clever if you understand the Shakespeare that’s behind it,” said sophomore Ashley O’Neill.  “But although Shakespeare might not be everyone’s thing, everybody can find something to enjoy at Shakespeare Day.”