Trip to Spain and Portugal creates unforgettable memories


Emily Ma

Junior Julianna Marinelli, seniors Caroline Katz, Abby de Reyna, Emily Ma, Shiraz Johnson, and junior Elizabeth McDermott enjoy the scenery at Lagos Beach in Portugal.

Rachel Kim, Staff Writer

Every year, Schreiber’s Languages Other Than English department organizes a trip to different international countries.  This year, 25 students traveled to Spain and Portugal with supervisors Sra. Joseph, Mrs. Korba-Rapp, her husband Brian Rapp, and their friend Jeannie from Mar. 28 to Apr. 6.

The group visited numerous tourist attractions, such as the historical city of Lisbon, a gothic Moorish palace called La Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Evora, Lagos, Granada, and Seville.

At each destination, the students and staff had a wonderful time being immersed in the cultures of Spain and Portugal.  In just eight short days, the students found themselves adjusting to some aspects of the European lifestyle.

“I thought it was really interesting to see the different ways that people lived in each place we went.  My favorite place was Lisbon because of the different churches and landmarks we saw. It was also cool to see some of the things we learned about in Euro and social studies,” said junior Julianna Marinelli.

On the first day, the group arrived at the Lisbon airport and immediately began touring the streets of Portugal’s capital city.  For the next three days, they traveled to Belem and the Tower of Belem located on the River Tejo.  The group also enjoyed visiting the Castelo de Silo Jorge and seeing where military troops were housed.  After, they toured the fascinating Alfama district, where Moors, Jews, and Christians once lived in harmony before the Inquisition.

The group also had the opportunity to learn about the process of harvesting of cork, a process that is famous in the Porteguese city of Evora.

Some of the foods they tasted were authentic Portuguese food in the marketplace and the must-have treats such as travesseiros, a flaky pastry with chocolate fillings, Pasteis de Belém, a dessert with custard filling, and the famous chicken puri puri found in Cascais.

In the city of Cascais, the students enjoyed the magnificently unique view of the Atlantic Ocean. “This trip was a once in a lifetime experience and this little taste of independence allowed all of us to grow.  We all still talk to each other and even with the chaperones, who we grew really close to,” said junior Alexa Adjudanpor.  “I can’t wait for our reunion, where we can reminisce about all the crazy, amazing things that happened over this unforgettable spring break.” After experiencing the incredible historical sites of Portugal, they landed in Granada, Spain. With a tour guide, the group got to experience the Alhambra, a beautiful Moorish palace. The trip was further enhanced by a passionate dance known as Flamenco, which all members got to experience.   With the next stop at Seville, they visited the Royal Alcazar Palace and Seville Cathedral, where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed, and La Plaza de España downtown of Seville with its stunning Renaissance Revival architecture.   For their last stop, the group learned about the history of bullfighting at an arena and walked along the Guadalquivir River that runs through Seville. As the journey came to its end, students not only grew accustomed to the history and culture of both countries, but also created memories with each other that will be cherished for years to come.

With the help from the administrators, along with the LOTE department, the Spain and Portugal trip turned out to be a huge success and left students in wonder of another possible destination for the next trip. “I was lucky enough to travel with 25 amazing Schreiber students to Portugal and Spain.  The cities were beautiful, the guides were very informative, and the food was delicious.  It was an amazing trip overall,” said Sra. Joseph.  “For next year, we have not been approved by the School Board yet, but we would love to go to Sicily.”