Victory Royale sparks as Fortnite becomes a huge hit


Fortnite has become a huge hit since its release in July. The game is free; however, it grosses over 100 million dollars monthly.

Jacob Bernstein , Staff Writer

Fortnite began its development nearly a decade ago and was first revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards.  Since then, it has taken the gaming community by storm.  Being released to the public in July of 2017, Fortnite has grown in popularity immensely with reports that it now has over three million daily active users and grosses over 100 million dollars monthly, even though it is a free game. 

For those who don’t know, Fortnite is battle royale game in which 100 players are placed into a map, and players have the option to land anywhere they like in a search for “loot”: things such as guns and medkits.  The goal?  To be the last player standing and earn that victory royale.  The game has the option to be played by yourself in a “solo” match, or with friends in “duos” or “squads”.  In duos and squads, teams of two or four, respectively, battle it out in the same style as solos, but giving you an option to play with your friends.

Fortnite has easily become one of the most popular games on the market, beating out its competitors such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and even games like GTA, Modern Warfare and NBA 2k.  How did it become so popular?  It’s simple: the game is free and accessible on smartphones, Xbox, Playstation, and laptops. It seems odd that a free game would be able to generate so much profit. The bulk of the game’s revenue comes from paid “extras” that players can purchase, such as game skins, dance moves, and gliders, which allow players to spice up their look before going into battle.  And with no tactical advantage given to players who buy such products, they have managed to sell a product in game without making the game a pay-to-win game. 

As well as your everyday Fortnite players, Fortnite has professionals who have managed to make their way into the gaming world by streaming their Fortnite games and making loads of money as a result.  Some of these players are even as young as high school students.  Ninja, arguably the most talented and popular Fortnite streamer, has reportedly made upwards of a million dollars a month just from streaming everyday.  Ninja earns a commission from Twitch for anyone who subscribes to his page, and also accepts donations while he is streaming.  Ninja has become so well respected in the gaming community that he even played a game of squads with Drake, football player Juju Smith, and Travis Scott.

One controversial aspect of this game is an area on the map called tilted towers.  Tilted towers arguably has the best loot, but certainly the most action in the beginning of the game.  Players have complained over the months that too many people land there and it takes away from the rest of the game.  Reports have recently come up that tilted towers will be destroyed by a meteor at the end of the season, which has caused something of an uproar, as many players do really enjoy it.

Over the years many fads such as Gangnam Style, the Mannequin Challenge, fidget spinners and more have come and gone.  Will Fortnite be one to stay?