beerbongs and bentleys gets outstanding reviews from critics and fans


Post Malone’s new album beerbongs and bentleys has gotten amazing reviews from fans. As Malone’s popularity has grown over the years he has become a household name.

Frankie Ader, Staff Writer

Post Malone, a rising alternative rapper originally from Syracuse, NY, is becoming increasingly popular with the release of his new album beerbongs and bentleys.  Post Malone started his career as a one-time Soundcloud artist, but was discovered in 2015 and shortly after sprung to fame with the release of his first studio album, Stoney. 

He released Stoney, which includes songs that are upbeat and catchy, in 2016.  Beerbongs and bentleys, which was just released on April 27, has very different vibes from those of his first album, as these songs are all in the hip hop/rap category and are mainly about depressing subjects.  Additionally, many of the songs on the album feature other popular artists.

“Post Malone is a savage and a gifted man who should be listened to by more people,” said freshman Remi Haas.

One of his most popular songs from the new album is called “Paranoid.”  The song, which has consistently been in the top ten in the charts, is about living life with anxiety.  Many of the collaborations on the album have also been circulating at the top of the charts, including “Spoil My Night,” which features Swae Lee, “Rockstar,” which features 21 Savage, “Psycho,” which features Ty Dolla $ign,  and “Ball For Me,” which features Nicki Minaj.  The song that sticks out in the album as having very different vibes from the rest is “Stay.”  It expresses Malone’s inner feelings more than any other song on the album, which draws fans to it.  Its melody is inspired by David Bowie.

“Post Malone’s album is depressing but amazing,” said freshman Avery Silfin. 

Although Malone is classified as a rapper, he is known to have a rich, deep singing voice.  From the reviews of critics and fans it is very clear that the songs released in beerbongs and bentleys display his talent well. 

“Post Malone’s album is unforgettable and the music in it just puts a smile on my face,” said freshman Sari Hartstein.

With Post Malone’s beautiful voice and soulful lyrics, beerbongs and bentleys definitely deserves a listen.