Music students shine at Music in the Parks


Musicians Meagan Tsou, Jared Wofse and Colin Katz celebrate Schreiber’s Victories at the Music in the Park Festival.

Lindsey Smith, Staff Writer

On April 28, the Schreiber’s band, choir, and orchestra students participated in the annual Music in the Park Festival at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.  These ensembles not only had the opportunity to compete, but also got the chance to explore the park. 

Each music group competed against other schools to win in their category, and the ensembles were judged based upon various musical criteria such as dynamic contrast, intonation and the overall unity of the group.

“It was interesting to see how other schools prepared and what pieces they played,” said sophomore Kevin Nadolne. 

This was a great opportunity for students from all over New York to showcase their talent and attempt to distinguish themselves in the competition.  A variety of groups performed; some schools had marching bands, which competed in jazzy outfits replete with batons and flags. 

“Each school prepared different pieces and we got the opportunity to compete against people that we would have never met before,” said sophomore Melissa Bilge.  “It was really nice to be able to participate in an event like this and afterwards all of us got the chance to spend the day at Six Flags.”

The competition was a success, as Schreiber came home with multiple trophies.  In the big ensemble division, the band and orchestra received second and third place, respectively, and the band won first place for the entire band category.  Despite these victories, the White Plains school won the overall first place prize out of every school at the competition. 

This was a great chance for the music department to show how hard the students have been working throughout the year.  The ensembles prepared for the competition as though it was a regular concert, so they spent months preparing in school and had an in school dress rehearsal two days prior to the performance. 

“It is not often that the orchestra gets to compete, so it was a really great opportunity and I was glad we got to take part in this different type of performance,” said sophomore Sally Hirschwerk.

After performing, Schreiber students spent the rest of the day at Six Flags Great Adventure.  After performing, spirits were high while the musicians explored the world famous rides such as Kingda Ka and El Toro. 

The various rides at Six Flags, varying from extreme thrillers to calmer rides, kept the students entertained throughout the afternoon.  For many of the participants, it was their first chance to go to Six Flags and enjoy this experience with their friends.  

The competition displayed the talent of the Schreiber musicians and the hard work that goes into the entire Port Washington Music Department.  

Whether it was performing the pieces they prepared since the beginning of school or having a blast at Six Flags, Schreiber students felt that they had a full day of excitement at this year’s Music in the Park Festival.