Netflix viewers are disappointed by movie filmed on Long Island


The new Netflix movie, The Week Of, filmed on Long Island, stars Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. Both actors lived in Port Washington during the filming of the movie.

Emily Milgrim, Staff Writer

On April 27,  Netflix released The Week Of, a brand new original movie starring Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.  This comedic movie is about two fathers with clashing personalities, played by Rock and Sandler, who are forced to come together for the wedding of their children.  Kenny (Sandler) is the father of Sarah (Allison Strong),the bride, and Kirby (Rock) is the father of the groom, Tyler (Roland Buck III).  Their different careers led them to pursue wildly different lifestyles, as Kirby is a rich Los Angeles doctor and Kenny is a contractor from Long Island who lives with his large, incredibly loud family.  As the wedding of their children approaches, they have many financial and cultural disagreements regarding the wedding.  All they want for their children is a picture perfect wedding, but their differences set them back and prevent them from planning the perfect day together.  The two fathers also come to Long Island with their large families, adding more drama and comedy to the plot.  In addition to this battle of the fathers, they also show their soft spot for their kids and family while in the stressful wedding planning process.  Other stars featured in this movie include Steve Buscemi, Rachel Dratch, and Patricia Belcher. 

The Week Of was a cheesy yet funny new movie. It was a hilarious movie to watch with my friends even though it was somewhat predictable,” said freshman Sari Hartstein.

What makes this movie unique for local viewers, is that the movie was shot on Long Island.  Throughout the movie locals may recognize close to home locations such as the Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, the Long Island Expressway, and various houses along the island.  In addition to the neat Long Island sightings in the movie, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock along with their families lived in Port Washington this past summer while shooting the movie.

“It was really cool to see places from across Long Island in the movie!  It’s fun to know they were in our town, even if I didn’t get to see them,” said freshman Hope Lane.

Many people saw these stars around town while doing their everyday activities such as shopping and eating.

“It’s funny, and earnest, and silly, and even a little bit touching.  The Week Of  balances its sense of comic escalation with newer, more naturalistic moves for Sandler.  Barely, but it does,” said critic Blake Goble from Consequence of Sound.

Even though the movie hasn’t received the greatest reviews from critics, it’s still awesome to see our Long Island roads and landmarks featured in a Netflix film.