Step into festival season in the most fashionable way


Coachella was the kick-off to the festival season, and many people took to celebrities for their own inspiration for festivals such as Governor’s Ball.

Sydney Kass, Staff Writer

Gov ball and countless other music festivals are right around the corner, and people are raring to get outside and see their favorite artists perform. Fantastic music and food are essential components of the perfect festival experience, but people tend to overlook the importance of one aspect: festival fashion.

There is an entire clothing genre, if you will, of festival-appropriate attire.  Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, there are many stores with a multitude of choices to find exactly what you are looking for. 

For anyone on a budget, Forever 21 is a great place to go when you need a new outfit for an upcoming festival or concert.  Forever 21 is known for having all the trendy clothing items and accessories that can be found at high-end stores, but for a fraction of the cost.  In spite of the low prices, the clothes are still high quality. 

“Forever 21 is my go-to when it comes to anything festival.  There is no need to spend a lot of money when they have everything a more expensive store would have,” said sophomore Emily Edwards. 

Crochet tops are à la mode this festival season, and a number of celebrities rocked this look at Coachella.  Forever 21 has crochet tanks in tons of colors and designs that would look awesome with denim shorts.  Along with this, they also have many “boho” styles that are very in for festivals currently.  

If you’re looking for higher-end products, be sure to check out Revolve, a popular website with trendy clothes in the medium-to-high price range.  This year, Revolve is offering a wide range of cropped tanks and tees that flatter every body type.  “Revolve is my all time favorite store for festival wear.  They especially kill it when it comes to finding the perfect cropped shirt,” said sophomore Becca Sanders. 

Another mid-priced store is Topshop.  Topshop is great for any of the more elaborate fashion looks that have sequins, glitter, bright colors, or other features that would make someone stand out in a crowd.  You definitely won’t leave the store empty-handed. 

“For festival season, I love wearing things I would never wear usually and going out of my comfort zone.  Topshop makes this super easy and nothing is crazy expensive,” said sophomore Lucy Jarach. 

Makeup is another big part of the perfect outfit.  People wear all sorts of face glitter,  along with bright eyeshadows, blinding highlighters and fun lip colors.  While Sephora is everyone’s favorite makeup store, it is not necessarily budget friendly. 

“I love Sephora but it isn’t always a good place to go because of the prices,” said sophomore Abby Weinstein.  “A nice option at the drugstore is Wet and Wild products.  They have amazing festival makeup like rainbow highlighters, vibrant blushes and even neon nail polishes.”

From cheap to pricey and chic to crazy, there are endless options when it comes to rocking a festival look.  With the right amount of color and fun, you are sure to have a great outfit and a ton of fun at your next festival.