How to live your summer life to the greatest potential according to your zodiac sign

How to live your summer life to the greatest potential according to your zodiac sign

Julia Bischoff and Zoe Balsuto , Editor and Assistant Editor


Aries- With Mercury and the Sun aligning, it will be easy for you to stumble into misfortune.  This will make it hard to for you to make decisions, since the alignment will fog your thinking.  It is probably best if you start studying for finals early so you can ace them.  Once you get over this slight rough patch, you’re bound to have a stellar summer!

Taurus- June is the perfect month to challenge yourself!  Do something you’ve never done before or try something that scares you.  In doing so, make sure to keep in touch with those that are close to you.

Gemini- Happy Birthday Geminis!  Treat yourself this month, the world is your oyster!  Just go with the flow and good fortune is bound to come your way.

Cancer- June is going to be your month!  Saturn and Mars enter your sign, which means that you will learn a lot this month and will have plenty of opportunities to pursue your creative passions. Be on the look out, there’s a lot of new and exciting changes coming your way!

Leo- Quit holding yourself back, let yourself blossom to your full potential this month.  Whether this takes place in the classroom or in your social life, if you try your hardest you are bound to be your best self.

Virgo- For the last couple of months you might have felt as though you were in a cocoon. But fear not! June is your month to break free and transform into a beautiful butterfly.  Once you find your direction, you are sure to excel in every which way you choose.

Libra- With your carefree attitude coming out even stronger than usual as school draws to a close, make sure you aren’t afraid to say “no.”  However, June may just be the perfect month to take some risks, so just be sure to pick them wisely.

Scorpio- June is going to be your time to shine!  With school consuming most of your free time during the year, now you are going to be able to thrive socially.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while and make plans!

Sagittarius- Once finals are over, start planning your next trip!  Allow your curiosity to flourish and guide your selection of a new place to explore. Bon voyage!

Capricorn- You are determined to succeed on all your finals, so it will be in your favor to start studying early.  After finals are over, however, don’t let your determined attitude fade away. Instead, start a new project, find a job, or get your  summer reading out of the way early!

Aquarius- June provides the perfect month for your free-spirited and outgoing personality.  In regards to end of year festivities, just be yourself and you will find that things will properly fall into place.

Pisces-You may feel like you’ve recently become close with people you couldn’t have imagined being close to at this time last year.  Don’t let the summer threaten your relationship, but rather allow it to bring you even closer.

*The writers of Schreiber Times are in no way trained astrologists and all suggestions given in the above article should be taken lightly.