Editorial: Food delivery poses a threat

One of the many great things about off periods at Schreiber is ordering food, which is delivered right up Campus Drive.  Town favorites such as Gino’s, Schmear, Let There Be Bagels, and Bayview Deli are among the local restaurants that students enjoy right in the comfort of our school cafeteria.  Although Schreiber students certainly enjoy this access, it may also pose a possible danger for our school.

Allowing cars with unknown, unscreened individuals onto our campus can be dangerous.  The security guards do not check any cars entering Campus Drive, which can cause an unsafe situation for both students and teachers.  Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, there is no way of knowing if the individuals driving these cars pose a threat to our school community, especially if our security is not regulating or checking who enters campus.

Some recent horrific incidents that have occurred at schools throughout the country should make our school more cautious and considerate about who enters our campus, even if it’s just driving up to the school.  It is up to our school community to help keep our students and staff safe at all times and foster a comfortable learning environment. 

The delivery cars also require students to go the car to receive orders.  Going up to strangers’ cars that have not been regulated by security can put students at risk, especially since students are not accounted for during their periods off.

There are security guards watching who enters the building at all times, but they should also closely monitor every time a student approaches a delivery car outside.  While this is not the only solution, any step towards securing our campus will help to keep our students and staff safe and feel more comfortable.

While students should still be allowed to order in, as many students don’t have time to make lunch in the morning or are simply craving food from a local restaurant, there should be some sort of regulation by the Schreiber security guards to prevent any potential dangers.  These regulations could include some simple measures such as asking drivers for IDs during lunch periods, only allowing deliveries from certain places to enter campus, or giving delivery drivers a pass that indicates that they are permitted on campus.  These simple implementations would help to ensure the safety of our school and make students and staff feel at ease during the day while allowing them to continue to enjoy a convenient option for meals.