Girls volleyball spikes to a winning streak this autumn


Jack Lawerence

The girls won a hard fought battle against Oceanside 3-1 on Sept. 20.

Mia Kurts, Contributing Writer

One up-and-coming sports team this season is the girls volleyball team. Although they did not have their best season last year, they are looking to rebound in 2018.

Last year, the team had a lot to overcome, and this was reflected in their final standings. Despite playing hard, practicing hard, and giving each and every game their all, they finished with only one win under their belt during the entire eight-game season. This isn’t to say that they weren’t a good team. For one thing, they faced a series of very difficult teams to compete against, including Plainview and Massapequa. This is because they played in the top division, which is made for tough competition. This puts their high loss percentage into perspective.

They also finished the season with only twelve girls on the team, contrasted with the fifteen they started out with. Two of the girls were unable to play due to injury, and one moved away, which made for a tired team that had to work much harder than the others in their division to even get through a game.

Whatever the reason was for their seven losses, the whole team was ready to put it behind them. They don’t dwell on the past, but think about the future and how they can be the best team they can be. The first thing: dealing with the loss of members.

After the seniors graduated, the team was left with only five players. This meant the team had an opportunity to start fresh and work their way back to the top of their conference. The new players span all four grades, and the girls are pleasantly surprised with the new skill.

“[The new team] is a good thing because we have so much more talent than expected,” said sophomore Catherine O’Sullivan.

Not only is there new talent, but the new team is stepping forward with excitement. The girls are excited to rebound from last year, and the players see their up and coming potential.

“We can develop players into becoming better ones for this and upcoming seasons,” said O’Sullivan.

The girls are willing to improve themselves and their team, and perhaps as new players they will be able to or at least more willing to learn from their coaches and captains. Plus, there are many sophomores on the team, so there is a bright future ahead. This is one advantage the Schreiber volleyball girls team is boasting.

The team is also making a second change that may also better their chances at making playoffs. Last year, in their 2018 season, they were playing in the top division. This division, the AA1 division, features the best teams in Nassau County. This year, they dropped a division. The thought process for this decision was that a team that was on the bottom of the best division may come out on top in a not-as-great division. Playing against teams that are closer to Port’s level definitely creates better chances for the team.  

The team is taking these changes in stride. They are looking with hopeful eyes upon a new season, one that features new talent and more beatable competition. They won their opening game, and lost the next two, but never in the past have they let a loss hold them down.

“From what I have seen so far this season, we never give up and continue to improve,” said sophomore Sabina Novo.

The team this year possesses renowned energy and a competitive streak, as well as a learned resilience and a desire to improve themselves.

“We have a lot of energy which is key because it helps us put up a great fight. We’re 1-2 so far but we plan on winning a lot more. As long as we continue to focus and work together as a team, I think we have a pretty good chance at being conference champs,” said senior Kailey Gallagher.

Gallagher, along with her teammates, have high hopes for the future of the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. And if their past as taught us anything, it’s that they are not going to give up until they achieve their goals.