How to rule high school: Advice for succeeding this school year

Julia Bischoff, Features Editor

You’ll never forget your high school years. High school is a time to learn about yourself and attempt to understand the hormonal mess that we all call adolescence.  Getting through these four years, as well as the various trials and tribulations that  accompany them, may seem daunting but, not to worry.  With these simple tips, these times will fly with minimal turbulence. So, without further ado, prepare to rule high school.

When considering extracurriculars, sign up for every single club that you have the slightest interest in. This will allow you to discover what you truly like, and which are not your cup of tea. And remember – waking up early is worth it if it means becoming a part of a club that helps shape your high school career and life beyond.  

Community service is another essential part of your high school career. If you’re on the lookout for volunteering options, try to join groups such as Key Club. Being involved in the community can really make you stand out, and is a great way to expand your social circle. 

Sports are another great opportunity in high school to bond with your classmates, stay fit, and relieve stress. They can teach you how to work as a team and experience the rewarding feeling of collective success.

As for academics, it is very important that you challenge yourself, but this does not mean filling up your schedule to the point of mental breakdown.  Surely, it is important to challenge yourself throughout high school and a crucial part of this is learning time management and studying techniques that will help make you a better student. However, everyone is different and you should not be ashamed to take a Regents class instead of an Honors or AP class if that is what is best for you. Although it is hard to reach, maintaining balance between not doing enough and being overwhelmed is key during high school. Your mental health is more important than the number of AP courses you take!

Additionally, while it’s important to excel in academics, do not belittle the significance of your social life. Try not to sweat the small stuff, and maybe try and a little less about what people think of you. Do parties and large groups of people make you nervous? That’s totally fine – just do your thing and don’t let anyone get you down. Friend drama? As much as it might be fun to indulge, it’s probably best not to pick sides. Try to constantly brainstorm inclusive solutions. Being able to surround yourself with people who support you and make you laugh is what makes those stressful school days better.

High school is what you make it out to be, so go and make it yours!