New nominees excite viewers for 2018 People’s Choice Awards



Actress Priyanka Chopra taks home the award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actress.

Molly Schiff, Staff Writer

The nominations for the People’s Choice Awards 2018 have finally come in.  On September 5, The E! Network revealed the nominations for every category of this award show, with the number of categories reaching an impressive 43.  The five finalists for each category will be revealed on September 24, and a final round of voting will commence. 

As of right now, The People’s Choice awards is the only award show run by the people and for the people.  With a stacked list of nominees for every category, the show won’t disappoint. Airing on November 11, this is not a show to miss.

 “The idea that the people can choose an award is a landmark for our society, strengthening the pillar of democracy and free-will throughout the nation,” said senior AJ Siciliano.

Given that there are so many categories for this years award show, there is something for everyone to vote on.  Categories include Best Movie of 2018, which is then broken up into genres such as comedy, action, drama, and family movies.  All of your favorite movies are in these pools: Black Panther, Love, Simon, Deadpool 2, Ocean’s 8, and many more movies of many different genres!  On top of this, you can vote for all your favorite stars to win awards as well. There truly is something for everyone.

 “I’m so excited to watch the award show this year and see which movies win,” said senior Sami Flyer. 

The People’s Choice Awards aren’t limited to just movies and movie actors, though.  Award categories include every television show you could possibly think of, ranging from The Big Bang Theory to Thirteen Reasons Why.  The variety of categories makes it easier and more fun to choose favorites, and gives many different kinds of shows the chance to win an award.  You can also vote for your favorite music artists and albums in this award show, including Drake, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, and many more.  With so many different outcomes possible, there’s bound to be surprises and plot twists that keep the night very interesting. 

“I can’t wait to see the outcome of this year’s People’s Choice Awards; so many different things can happen,” said junior Arianna Asselta.

In years past, many people have taken the stage at the award show to provide even more entertainment for the action-packed night.  In 2016, we saw performances from Blake Shelton and Fifth Harmony. The year before that, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, and Jason Derulo all displayed their talents in between award presentations.  At the end of the show, some celebrities come home stacked with as many as four awards from the night! The most decorated person in the history of the People’s Choice Awards is Ellen DeGeneres, winning another three awards last year to give her the title of most decorated. 

“I love Ellen. It’s so cool to see her get the recognition she deserves in these award shows every year,” said senior Sarabeth Schiff.

From year to year, the People’s Choice Awards have never failed to provide one of the most entertaining nights on TV all year.  People wait in anticipation to see which movies made the cut, and can’t wait to support their favorites through all the rounds of online voting.  No matter who wins, the process is known to be very fair; the outcome occurring completely by the people’s choice. There truly is something to be won in every category of entertainment, giving this show a wider variety of audiences than almost every other award event on television.