Pride in Port displays unity throughout the community


Emily Milgrim

The Portents perform their routine during the Pride in Port celebration.

Priya Chainani, Staff Writer

This year marked the 30th anniversary of Port Washington’s Pride in Port. This annual event is often described as “all-encompassing” and attracts many of the town’s residents.  

On Sept. 29th, Pride in Port began off bright and early at 9 a.m. in Schreiber High School’s cafeteria, where the Annual Hall of Fame ceremony took place.  The attendees were served breakfast and honored select Schreiber alumni who excelled in one or more sport during their high school years. 

Following this, local organizations, schools, businesses, and general participants gathered with banners and headed down Campus Drive. 

This year, the Pride in Port committee selected an organization called Residents Forward to be the Grand Marshall. Their commitment and efforts to improve the lives of Port Washington residents has been prevalent for the past 50 years. 

   During the parade, Schreiber’s marching band performed music for those in the crowd including songs “Anyway You Want It” and “Washington and Lee Swing.” “I love to see the enthusiastic crowd watching us play.  It really shows how much they love Port Washington,” said junior Jamie Levin. 

Participants in the parade marched from Main Street, specifically near Belleview Avenue, all the way to Campus Drive.  The end of the parade was followed by the homecoming football game hosted by Schreiber. During half-time, both the cheerleaders and the Portettes gave a performance for the spectators. Unfortunately, Baldwin ended up taking the win. 

In addition, a Family Fun Day was held on the Weber Field, which included a carnival and food. The festivities on the field were manned by student volunteers and teachers, who were responsible for selling tickets, running booths, and cleaning up. 

“I’ve never gone to Pride in Port, but this year, through Key Club, I am volunteering at the event.  Everyone is assigned a table and there, we set up activities for the kids to play,” said sophomore Phoebe Christake. 

Residents can attend any of these events throughout the day and enjoy all that Pride in Port has to offer.  The volunteers and local business owners present at the event made many efforts to represent all aspects of Port Washington at this event. 

“Pride in Port provides a sense of unity for our town. It allows the members of our community the ability to be a part of something greater for a day, and express our innermost pride for our beautiful town” said junior Luca Barbosa. 

There are countless organizations and sponsors whose donations and support play a tremendous role in keeping Pride in Port alive.  The yearly event is often held as a special day that sparks feelings of communal unity among Port residents.