Schreiber Spotlight: Mr. Brendan Klein and Ms. Julia Ottinger


Jack Lawerence

New Schreiber teachers, Ms. Ottinger and Mr. Klein, feel welcomed by the Port Washington community. Both are looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year.

Serena Tapia, Staff Writer

This year, two new teachers have joined our school’s faculty: Ms. Julia Ottinger and Mr. Brendan Klein.

Ms. Ottinger, who recently graduated from SUNY Cortland, is a new teacher in the math department.  She is currently teaching Algebra 1 and 2.  

  “This is my first full year teaching,” said Ms. Ottinger. “In January, I student taught at Hempstead Middle School, then when I was finished student teaching, I had a 30 day leave replacement as a math academic intervention services teacher at North Shore middle school.”

Ms. Ottinger is very much looking forward to be working in port, and wants to get to know the school and the community more by attending to events such as “Pride in Port” and the upcoming pep rallies. 

“I got this job at the end of last school year,” said Ms. Ottinger. “I am very excited, and it has been such a great year so far.”

  She has also shown interest in coaching a sport team.  As a former student athlete in high school, Ms. Ottinger would love to be involved in any sport.  

”I am very excited, it has been such a great year so far, Schreiber is super special, you can tell by the staff and the students that it is a really close knit community and everyone is very supportive and respectful of one another,” said Ms. Ottinger.

But the mathematics department wasn’t the only one getting a new faculty member.  The ENL department has welcomed its new social studies teacher.

Mr. Klein has joined the ENL department as a social studies teacher. His passion for teaching emerged while growing up in West Bower, New York, when his seventh grade teacher had impacted how he viewed history to such an extent that he wanted to impact others in the same positive way.

After earning his bachelors and masters degrees at Stony Brook University, Mr. Klein came to Schreiber to teach in the social studies.

“I love teaching, it is really fun,” said Mr. Klein.  “I love the positive connections that I get to make with students, and how I get to be part of the community I teach in. It is definitely my dream job and something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Mr. Klein is part of both the ENL and Social Studies department. He teaches freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.  As a new teacher in Schreiber, he is also interested in being an active participant in community events.  

For these two new teachers, Schreiber has shown to be a great school, and this is not only because of its academic standing, but also thanks to its students, teacher, community, and faculty members who make Schreiber what it is today: a welcoming environment full of spirit and pride.

“I’ve been in different school districts and as a new teacher, this has by far been the most welcoming group of people who just genuinely have your back and want to support you to be a better teacher,” said Ms.Ottinger.  “I learn something new everyday from either the teachers or from students.  I also love the pride there is here, from either the announcements or the sports teams and picking student of the day.”