Star-studded case surprises audience with A Simple Favor



Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively have a toast in the tension-filled movie A Simple Favor.

Abbie Garfin, Contributing Writer

Looking for a new funny and mysterious movie to see with your friends? A Simple Favor, featuring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, is a thriller filled with romance, mystery, murder, and revenge. The actors in this movie are extremely talented and portray very realistic characters. 

“I can’t wait to see another movie with Anna Kendrick, she’s one of my favorite actresses,” said sophomore Remi Haas. 

This movie is based on the book that goes by the same title, but with additional plot twists and exciting turns. 

The movie is about a town logger named Stephanie who follows the mystery of her best friend’s, Emily, disappearance. Both characters become close friends when they meet through their young children. One day, Emily mysteriously disappears after asking Stephanie to pick up her son from school. 

In the trailer, Emily hints towards a potential runaway plan. If viewers are excited to see what is revealed in the trailer, then they are in for a treat! The trailer only touches upon a few of the many mysteries that occur throughout the movie. Once Stephanie realizes that Emily has disappeared, Stephanie and Emily’s Husband, Sean (Henry Golding) file a missing person report to the police. Slim to no evidence is found regarding where Emily could have gone, until a fan replies to one of Stephanie’s vlogs claiming they saw her. 

“The plot of the movie seems very interesting, and I am excited to see how it plays out,” says sophomore Avery Silfin. 

After Emily vanishes, Sean and Stephanie form a bond over their mutual sadness and develop a relationship together, believing that no one will find out that they were secretly having an affair. While this is going on, Stephanie receives different messages and clues as to where Emily may have disappeared. Stephanie continuously searches through Emily’s house, but Sean reassures her that Emily is gone and there is nothing they can do about it. Later on, the police find Emily in a lake far away from home. The thrills do not end here, because it seems that Emily has a master plan. She is successfully stirring up the fear and drama in her small town, and is trying to seek revenge. Once Emily finds out about the affair, she attempts to set Sean up in a tangled web, in the hopes that he will be accused of many awful things. 

“The plot seems so up to date and modern. The fact that it is a mixture of all different types of genres will make for an interesting watching experience,” says sophomore Sari Hartstein. 

Many reviews have agreed with this statement as well. A Simple Favor has been reviewed as a “sweet yet suspenseful” movie, perfect for high school students. According to Rotten Tomatoes ratings the movie is 83% fresh, and it was rated a 7/10. Many critics and viewers have thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and this thriller will likely have viewers on the edges of their seats due to the mysterious disappearance and constant plot twists. Sept. 14th was the release date for the film, so make sure to see it while you still can!