Which delivery restaurants are best for Schreiber’s new schedule?



For our shorter lunch periods and very early 3.1 lunch period, the diner is by far the best option because of its hours and options.

Rebecca Sanders and Jamie Ambos

Port Washington is well-known for its delicious dining. Not only do menus offer a wide variety of cuisines, but there are also options that can fit all budgets and dietary concerns. 

One of the most popular aspects of dining in Port Washington is the large number of eateries that deliver. Anytime throughout the school day, you can see the swarm of cars in the Schreiber circle and the excited students who come to pick up their meal. While there are many places to order from, some are more popular with students than others.

Many Schreiber lunchers in the mood for delivery turn to the delis of Port Washington to satisfy their hungry stomachs and they certainly recognize their luck at having so many options to this effect. Hinck’s, Bayview, and Harbor Deli are most frequently ordered from.  These restaurants make several daily trips to Schreiber.

  “Whenever I forget to pack a lunch in the morning, I always call Hinck’s and get a Boulevard,” said junior Emily Edwards. “The only downside of having to order is waiting for my food.”

 This last point cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to ordering lunch during the school day, timing is everything. Lately, these delis have been less than perfect in regards to their timing. When food comes too early, students are forced to leave class (which is no longer allowed this school year). And when food comes too late, students are forced to eat their lunch in a less than a ideal period of time so as to not be late to their next class.  So, the moral of the story: be prepared.

Recent changes to the Schreiber class schedule have also affected the lunch delivery options of most of the student body. With the conversion of period 3 into a lunch period, students with 3.1 lunch eat at 10:20 A.M. (at least an hour earlier than last time.) Since fewer restaurants deliver at 10:20 am, it can be difficult to find the perfect place to make your beloved meal. But not to worry, there is a restaurant with a diverse menu to the rescue.

The Port Washington Diner opens customers to their delivery service at 10 o’ clock in the morning. Therefore, if you are able to, it would not be such a terrible idea to order early and establish a set delivery time. This way the Diner has time to cook your food and deliver it to you by your lunch period. 

One thing any students looking to order should keep in mind is the fact that restaurants can sometimes be a bit apprehensive when it comes to delivering food to students during the school day; with the well-founded fear that students will not pick up their food from the Schreiber circle to pay, restaurants might require that deliveries be paid for by credit card, not cash. 

While measures like this may be of slight inconvenience, it certainly comes out positive in the end as it allows all these restaurants to continue the practice of delivery, satisfying a hungry student body, and turning a pretty penny in the process.