Halloween spirit rises from the dead at Spooky Walk

Lindsey Smith, Staff Assistant

From Oct. 26 to 28, the Clark Botanic Garden in Roslyn held its annual Spooky and Not-So-Spooky Walks.  The latter, which took place only on Sunday, Oct. 28, was family-friendly and suitable for all ages. On the other hand, the Spooky Walk, which was held on Oct. 26 and 27, was specifically catered to older kids who are looking for a fright.  

Each year, the Clark Botanic Garden is decorated during Halloween time. This year, all twelve acres of land were transformed from well-kept gardens into nightmare-like landscapes.  Students were invited to join the festivities not only by walking through the decorations, but also by coming to the event dressed in costume.  There was live music, food, spooky trails, and performances by actors.  People came from all over Long Island to take part in this monumentally spooky event.

The Spooky Walk was a frightening option for those older children who were not afraid to confront any creatures, jump scares, or sights that they may encounter.  Meanwhile, the Not-So-Spooky Walk allowed younger children to experience the Halloween fun without being as frightened.  There were many activities during this event, including face painting and pumpkin decorating, for kids to enjoy.

“It is a great way for younger kids to get involved in the community and partake in fall activities,” said junior Maddie Hiller.  “Kids love seeing and hanging out with their friends outside of school.” 

The Not-So-Spooky Walk offered children an opportunity to be entertained during Halloween, a holiday that is often filled with more adult-suited activities.  Also, it gave the whole family a chance to experience Halloween time together.  Parents were able to spend time with their kids, while the kids had the opportunity to come together with their classmates and support the community in a safe environment.

The Spooky Walk took place at night, while the Not-So-Spooky Walk was held during the daytime.

“This event really scares you because people jump out when you least expect it,” said freshman Phoebe Levitsky.  “Also, it happens at night, which adds to the fear.” 

The Spooky Walk consisted of a variety of fear-provoking creatures, such as ghosts, clowns, and zombies. Many students claimed that the adrenaline rush they got from being startled by these creatures was a large part of the fun during the walk.

“It’s a really fun event where high school, or any age, volunteers dress up as scary creatures and scare people. You may come across any of these characters as you walk through the path in the woods,” said junior Ashley O’Neill.  “Anyone can have a great time.”

This Halloween celebration allowed students and parents alike to dress up and enjoy the holiday.

“This event really embodies what Halloween is about,” said sophomore Kate Steigman.  “People love to be scared while having fun.”