Cooper and Gaga light up the screen in the new A Star is Born


Lady Gaga fans are loving seeing Gaga on the big screen acting and singing a A Star is Born. Although this isn’t the first role that Gaga has taken on, it is definitely one people aren’t going to forget.

Abbie Garfin, Staff Writer

Bored on a Friday and not sure what to do with your friends? Go see the new movie A Star is Born.  Released on Oct. 5, A Star is Born has been getting great reviews in all aspects of the film. The film is a tragic love story full of romance, drama, and suspense.

“I’m so excited to see A Star is Born, especially to see Lady Gaga star in it,” said sophomore Emma Klein.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper costar in the film, which led to the film receiving a lot of attention leading up to its release.  Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is a musician who falls in love with Ally (Lady Gaga).  Gaga portrays a struggling artist who meets her love interest at a bar one night.

Ally has recently given up on her dream of being a successful singer, that is, until she falls in love with Jack.  He inspires her to try again by reassuring her of her natural beauty and talent.  After this initial encounter with Jack, Ally is afraid she will never see him again, but is pleasantly surprised when he shows up to her concert.

Jack continues to inspire her as he helps her career take off.  Unfortunately, following this initial bliss, their once-perfect relationship begins to take a dark turn.  The issue becomes that they fall in love with each other’s talents, as opposed to their personality.

Essentially, Jack doesn’t understand how he is feeling.  While deciding whether the relationship is good for either of them, Jack has to also fight his own battle against his personal demons.  This, along with his struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse, intensifies the troubles present in Ally and Jack’s relationship.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper even perform original songs that they wrote and recorded live during filming. Some of the most popular songs in the movie are “Shallow,” “Always Remember Us This Way,” and “Look What I Found.”

“The movie was so entertaining and full of amazing music,” said sophomore Avery Silfin.

So far, the movie has been receiving great reviews. This romantic drama has viewers begging for more as they sit on the edge of their seat to see what will come of this poisoned relationship.

The chemistry between the two actors is wildly unique, which is what makes this film so special. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are able to portray their respective characters in such a relatable way as they tackle various personal issues throughout the film. The excellent acting in this movie is also what makes it so heart-wrenching to watch, especially when the two characters’ relationship begins to fall apart.

This is the fourth remake of the original version, and reviews say that it simply keeps getting better and better.  Make sure to visit the theaters to catch this must see movie before it’s too late!