Counterpoint: Is sexual harassment being discussed enough at Schreiber?

Alex Parker, Contributing Writer

Sexual assault is an issue of elephantine proportions.  With the growing popularity of the #MeToo movement and controversial Brett Kavanaugh hearings, sexual assault allegations have been on many people’s minds.  Consequently, advocates all around the country are demanding more discussion of this contentious topic.  However, Schreiber is already a very safe place to discuss sexual assault, and students should feel comfortable talking about it with their teachers or guidance counselors.  

In regards to whether Schreiber is a safe place to discuss sexual assault, many students claim to feel comfortable with the current level of discussion.  

“It’s talked about with teachers and we trust them and understand how big an issue this is,” said freshman Gabrielle Gitman.  

In the status quo, sexual assault is already discussed amongst Schreiber’s supportive and helpful teachers, who make it clear how important of an issue it is.  

The health department is an excellent, extremely helpful resource, where all of the teachers involved actively try to answer students’ questions and appeal to their needs.  

“I would think health class is an appropriate place to talk about issues like that.  [In health we] talk about related topics and the responsibilities that go along with situations like that.  We also discuss how to identify those situations and how it feels to be in a situation like that, and how it feels when something like that isn’t happening,” said health teacher Larissa Renart.  

Clearly, health class discusses this issue of sexual assault enough and more discussion is not necessary.   

However, it’s not just health teachers who are supportive and helpful when answering questions relating to controversial topics.  

“The administrators and staff are all very understanding and are willing to be there when they are needed.  A teacher that you trust is enough to get your story out and get the right kind of justice,” said freshman Lela Pines.  “Schreiber is a school that strives to make the students’ journeys through high school as safe as possible and will sow the seeds for growth in the future.  The school is certainly a good place to begin to talk about issues such as these and learn how to deal with the major problems you may face.”  

The staff and administrators are all ready to be there for you if you need them, and it is important to know that all of Schreiber’s teachers are on the same team as you. Schreiber’s supportive staff helps students feel safer and more willing to open up a dialogue if an issue develops.  If an issue develops where a student wants to report sexual assault or harassment, the teacher has been taught how to identify and handle such things.  In addition, their fellow staff and administrators are on hand for assistance.  

Unfortunately, on the other hand, some students aren’t sure if Schreiber is the safest place.  

“Schreiber is relatively safe but we should work towards making Schreiber even safer than it is for victims so everyone has a place to turn if they ever find themselves in an awful situation such as that,” said freshman Sarika Israni.  

It is clear that some students haven’t been made completely aware of all the resources that Schreiber has to offer, and how all the faculty is always there to help.  

In sum, Schreiber has enough sexual assault education in the status quo. Through health class, students are armed with lessons on what to do in such a situation, and should they ever find themselves in that type of situation, the staff at Schreiber is there for help and guidance.