Girls swimming makes waves with a winning record


Kyle Wong

Girls swimming competes against Great Neck South at an away meet on Sept. 28. The girls won with a final score of 95-91.

Zach Lustbader and David Weiner

Schreiber High School offers many great sports programs, there is no doubt in that.  One of the most esteemed ones, the girls varsity swim team, has proven that they have a lot to offer in terms of talent, grit, and overall success.

Winning a majority of their meets, the swim team has done exceptionally the past couple of years.  This team requires a tremendous amount of devotion, especially towards the end of the season when the weather gets too cold to practice outside.  When this happens, the girls convene at 5:15 a.m. in the morning and train before school.  

All of the girls on the team showed unequivocal motivation at practice and at meets, which allowed the team to truly prosper and end their season with a whopping five wins.  

All of the girls were very content with their performances, and the 5-3 record that the season ended with.

“We had one of our best seasons this fall finishing 5-3!  It was awesome to see my teammates killing it in the pool everyday as it reflected in our meets,” said sophomore Vicky Sinconegui. 

Also, the team would not have been able to do as well if it was not for the constant support provided by each team member.  

“Although it is an individual sport, we wouldn’t be half as successful without everyone’s constant support and motivation,” said Vicky.

Don’t be fooled, this accomplishment did not come easily to the girls.  The competition was not effortless, specifically that of their toughest match up: Great Neck South High School.  The girls fell behind early, but with much determination, the girls were able to bounce back towards the end of the meet by winning nearly all of their races, and clinching a well-deserved win.

A majority of their meets have been pretty close, requiring the team to focus and give it their all in order to come out victorious.  When necessary, the athletes were able to push themselves towards achieving their goals during this successful season. 

The Port Washington girls swimming team has come a long way since last year.  The team has shown great improvements in regards to work ethic, competitiveness, and attitude. 

“The spirit in and out of the pool has been amazing to be a part of,” said sophomore Emma Feigin. “Nothing will compare to our meet against Massapequa, in which everyone was cheering and invested in the team.”  

Along with explaining the optimistic attitude throughout the season, Feigin described the strong work ethic from every swimmer on the team.

“Seeing the divers improve has been one of the highlights of the season. Having a group of girls who are willing to do just about anything for the team is incredible.  From waking up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning for practice, to swimming events like the 200 IM, it’s inspiring to see their incredible motivation,” said Feigin. 

This description of her fellow teammates shows the first-hand view of just how strong and motivated this team has been throughout the year, which has been clearly shown by their respectable record of 5 wins and 3 losses this season. 

Sophomore Abby Hurt alongside Feigin was very impressed by the squad’s growth throughout the season. 

“This season, the team has shown great improvement.  Everyone has improved from the beginning of the season and it really shows how hard we work.  I do not think there is one person who has not given this season their all and we would not have had our successful season without every individual member of the team,” said Hurt. 

Hurt clearly highlights how much work this team has put in to create a competitive, fun, hardworking team into the pool, day in and day out.

In all, the Port girls swimming team has proved that hard work, strong leadership, and creating a fun atmosphere is what a team is all about. The girls have put their all into this season, and it has definitely shown. 

The team as a whole could not have gotten where they were today if it were not for each player individual making a difference for the team. All the girls believe that this outcome displays how hard they have worked every day to achieve their goals.  They still believe that there is room for improvement in order to finish even better next season.