Marsupial of the month: Possum

August Zeidman, Managing Editor

While many may simply know it as the hissing creature hiding under your porch or playing dead on the side of the highway, the possum is a truly fascinating creature. The only marsupial native to the Americas, surviving from Canada down to Central America, this unique creature contains hidden secrets that more often than not go unnoticed.

These creatures are true survivors, successfully adapting to areas with limited food, water, or otherwise inhospitable conditions; able to make it through disease, natural disasters, and predators. They are immune to rabies, most snake bits, and many other natural toxins.

Being a marsupial, just like the more famous kangaroo or koala, the means that these creatures give birth to live young, but the mother will carry it around in a pouch for two months before they are developed enough to survive on their own.

These special creatures deserve more love and should be recognized more truly for the hearty troopers they are; embodying the spirit of this nation as they march forward through all obstacles.