North Shore Animal League hosts yearly shelter event


Kyle Wong and Jack Lawrence

The event saw many Port Washington residents who were interested in adopting a furry friend.

Ashley Cohen, Contributing Writer

On Oct. 6, the North Shore Animal League (NSAL) hosted the “Empty the Shelters Adoption Event.” The NSAL is headquartered in Port Washington, with 2,000 shelter partners across the country and around the globe. The shelter promotes animal welfare, supports mixed-breed animals, and is a leader in the no-kill animal movement. 

The event was founded by BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF), an organization which pays off adoption fees in order to get pets adopted into safe homes. During the special event, all adoption fees were waived for pets six months and older for all approved adopters.

The NSAL constantly displays its ongoing goal to support the safety and happiness of animals. The event embodied the shelter’s motto: “Rescue, nurture, adopt, and educate.” This philosophy demonstrates NSAL’s dedication to provide animals with as many loving homes and companions as possible, where they are safe and cared for. 

“I think that the North Shore Animal League is one of the best places to get pets, especially dogs,” said senior Nick Kapoor.  “You can see how much they care about every single adoption.”  

The Port Washington league rescues animals from municipal shelters and emergency situations, such as natural disasters or abuse, as well as from national, international, and local puppy mills.  The association saves approximately 1,000,000 animals each year, and 18,000 pets are adopted from the shelter annually. 

The animal league also plays a major role in the adoptions of thousands more animals through global partnerships.

“Most of the animals in our care for this event, and in general, have been rescued from overcrowded municipal shelters both local and out of state. We also do Emergency Rescues during natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes,” said the NSAL’s Administrative Services Coordinator Ms. Lauren Trautwig. 

As mentioned previously, the shelter also makes many efforts to ensure that animals are being given away to safe, healthy homes. 

“The North Shore Animal League always checks potential adopters before giving away animals; they want to make sure every pet ends up in a good home with a great owner,” said freshman Avery Miller. 

The NSAL has been around since the 1940’s, during which they were first led by animal advocate, Marianne H. Sanders. They started rescuing animals around the town of North Hempstead with their “no-kill” philosophy. 

“The league’s no-kill statement is really inspiring and it makes me feel really happy to know that the animals there are safe,” said sophomore Caleb Thomas.

Besides the adoption event, the NSAL also recently began construction to expand the shelter. This construction includes building a “state-of-the-art” feline adoption center that will free up space in other areas of the shelter, which will allow even more animals can find homes.

“We are very excited and looking forward to the expansion of the shelter and looking forward to the amount of space it gives the felines to roam free. We are anticipating the construction will be done the summer of 2019,” said Ms. Trautwig.

A second floor will also be added to the previously-existing shelter for cats and kittens. The 14,000 foot facility will have exam rooms, a feline behavior department, grooming facilities, a 24 hour-care nursery, and cage-free feline surroundings. 

From the 1940’s to today, the NSAL has had a major positive impact on animal’s lives. The shelters have created new programs, hosted adoption events, and expanded their facilities to save and hold more animals. The NSAL’s “Empty the Shelter Adoption Event” only further demonstrates the association’s dedication to continue to save the lives of thousands of animals.