Schreiber’s Drama Club hosts annual Actober Fest


Kyle Wong and Jack Lawrence

Student writers, directors, and performers created their own plays for Drama Club’s annual “Actober Fest” including “The True Meaning of Halloween” and “There Shall be No Bottom.”

Cheryl Chang, Contributing Writer

With the end of the first quarter quickly approaching, students are all finding themselves in need of a break.  To this, Schreiber’s annual Actoberfest which took place from October 19th and October 20th might just be the solution. This took place from October 19th to the 20th.

“Actoberfest is a spectacular event that occurs every year within the month of October, that allows students to take on the roles they normally would not be able to do throughout the year,” said junior Hannah Siskin. 

Siskin was the director of the play “Words, Words, Words” this year. 

Regarded as a “family-friendly” event, Actoberfest is essentially a series of plays written and directed by students at Schreiber. At the event, there were various activities to partake in, with one of the most notable ones being a chance to play an interactive game with the “Improvables,” 

“The ‘Improvables’ go out in between each of the one-acts and play an interactive game with the audience,” said junior Derrik Weisburg.  

The groups was directed by Weisburd and senior Eden Franco, who raised the audience’s spirits through the power of laughter.  

One of the acts performed by the students on Oct. 19 included “The True Meaning of Halloween,” which was directed by senior Julia Muratore, written by Don Zolidis, and performed by sophomore Ian Miller,  junior Sarika Israni, and freshman Roy Woods as Jonas, Jordan, and Alicia, respectively.  

“All of the plays are basically comedies this year which was really fun, especially during the pre-production phase of Actober Fest,” said junior Micah Golan.  

One of the comedies performed was “No More Mister Nice Guy.”  This act was about a man who got arrested for being too nice. It was directed by senior Sarabeth Schiff, and written by Jonathan Rand.

Others plays were performed during Actoberfest, including “There Shall be No Bottom,” “The Scary Question,” and “A Small World,” all of which were written, directed, and performed by Schreiber Drama Club members. 

“I attended Actober Fest on Friday, Oct. 19 and it was really entertaining,” said sophomore Sophie Penson.  “The Drama Club did a really nice job with all of the different plays. I thought it was especially great considering a lot of my fellow classmates either were in the plays, directing or wrote them!”