The Hate U Give sends a powerful message to all viewers


Starr, played by Amandla Stenberg, walks down the halls of her white private school with her friends Hailey and Maya played by Sabrina Carpenter and Megan Lawless.

Avery Silfin, Staff Writer

The Hate U Give, one of today’s top movies in theaters, is sparking controversial conversations and receiving rave reviews. The movie was released on Oct. 5 and stars Amandla Stenberg, who plays the role of Starr, an African American high school student who is perfectly content with her life up. She attends a mostly white private school, but on weekends is entirely assimilated with her black culture. This all changes when one day, her and her best friend, Khalil (played by Algee Smith), get pulled over by a police car. During this scene, Khalil is shot and killed by a white officer. This tragic event throws off all balance in Starr’s life, and she is forced to come out of her shell and stand up for her beliefs. 

“Movies like this are important because they are not just for entertainment. They are meant to teach and inform people about things that are happening right now,” said sophomore Trevor Capps.

A major issue in this film is that Starr’s family members and friends are pulling her in several different directions. Most of her neighbors want her to testify in front of a grand jury against the police officer that killed Khalil. However, other significant people in her life are opposed to this idea. For example, due to the neighborhood’s crime-filled past, several people do not want Starr to testify because their issues will be put into the spotlight. In addition, Starr’s uncle is a police officer and attempts to justify Khalil’s death by showing the obligations of a cop. These opposing views are a very important to the plot line and help to show the stress and anxiety that Starr deals with throughout the movie. 

One aspect of the movie that most excites moviegoers is its extensive cast list, filled with well-known actors who commonly appear in young adult films and TV shows. Stenberg has had many important movie roles, such as Rue in The Hunger Games and Maddy in Everything, Everything. In addition, KJ Apa, who plays Starr’s boyfriend, Chris, currently plays Archie in the Riverdale series. Furthermore, Sabrina Carpenter, who portrays Starr’s friend Hailey, has been featured in many Disney shows, namely as Girl Meets World. The popular cast ensures that many teens are extremely excited to see the movie. 

The Hate U Give makes efforts to depict tragic events like police shootings that have recently been taken place all over the United States. The film also represents the Black Lives Matter campaign, and seeks to reveal to younger viewers the importance of this movement. The movie puts an emphasis on police brutality and how common these events are. 

“Everyone should see this movie because of how much it relates to exactly what this country is going through right now,” said sophomore Christian Schwirzbin.

The Hate U Give is already receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and is sparking important conversations. People all across the country are beginning to understand the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and are taking a stand. Thanks to this movie, major current topics are being put into the spotlight and teens especially are urging for change.