The PWPL’s changed library experience


Kyle Wong

The entrance to the Children’s Room is now vibrant and more welcoming.

Many consider the Port Washington Public Library to be one of the best and beautiful libraries on Long Island. Children and adults visit it daily to enjoy the library’s friendly workspace and quiet space. It offers members various types of literature, entertainment, and enrichment programs. Many Port residents and diaspora take advantage of these fantastic assets and look forward to working at the library, especially since its recent renovation of the Children’s Room and the reconfigurations of the North and South wings.

Changes included brighter colors, technological improvements, more sections, and an art room. Because of this new fun interior design, the Children’s Room is more conducive to the learning environment.

“People love coming in and love the modern look. The old room was very dark and not inviting,” said Head of the Children’s Room Ms. Rachel Fox. “This is inviting, and they love the colors.”

In addition, the Library has opened an area for babies and toddlers, and done away with the “reading circle” for story time.

The renovations optimize the benefits of children. All bookshelves and other library content are now the correct height so that kids can reach for books themselves.  Also, more seats were added so that kids have an option of where they would like to sit rather than being crammed.

It is important that the Children’s Room be as conducive as possible to a child’s learning environment. Therefore, lowering the bookshelves to make them more easily accessible is a significant, as it not only makes the quest to find the perfect book easier, but it also facilitates childhood independence—children no longer “need” to ask an adult or tall person to help reach a book. Furthermore, independence can sometimes facilitate confidence, which (in the proper quantity) is a great trait to develop as a child.

A new art room has been incorporated into the space. Kids will be able to partake in crafty, hands on projects while they learn about different topics. They can even use the new touch screen “wall” next to the entrance.  When children walk in, they can go up to the screen and make cool designs with their fingers or play fun, interactive games. 

“I think they’re loving the brightness and the added features such as an interactive map and the touch screens,” said Ms. Fox.

Hands on learning is a great way to develop coordination, motor skills, and stimulates learning for young kids and toddlers.

The North and South Wings of the library have also been updated.

The library has removed several of the desks in South Wing, namely the large room outside the quiet study rooms, and put in their place plenty of shelves with a plethora of books. These shelves make the room feel smaller and thus cozier, which can sometimes be conducive to the study environment because some people just prefer to work in smaller spaces.

“ I think that is has become quieter  because there are less desks outside the study rooms,” said senior Hannah Roth. “It’s better to work there now.”

The North Wing’s rearranging of bookshelves and seats it seems has, for some, had little no effect on the average student’s library experience.

“I haven’t noticed a difference,” said freshmen Olivia Kass.

Overall, the renovations have had a positive impact on the library, encouraging children to read and learn and create an enjoyable workplace for all ages. Hopefully, Port residents will continue to visit frequently and take advantage of these cool new improvements.