Boychik’s Bagels hosts its grand opening on Port Boulevard


Jack Lawerence and Kyle Wong

As Boychik’s Eatery hosts its grand opening, signs are placed in the window as customers enjoy freshly made bagels.

Ili Pecullan, Contributing Writer

On Oct. 31, Boychik’s Bagels hosted its store opening.  The new eatery is located on Port Washington Boulevard, the former home of Port Café.  Although the name may be deceiving, the shop sells much more than just bagels. Customers can choose from a wide variety of sandwiches, paninis, chopped salads, muffins, and other baked goods. 

Many Schreiber students were ecstatic to try the new eatery.  It is very close to school, and therefore easily accessible for juniors and seniors who are allowed to venture off campus. 

“The grand opening was great, business is great,” said owner of Boychik’s Bagels Mr. Jeff Grossfeld.  Though it has only been opened for a mere two weeks, the owner expressed that business is booming at the new bagel shop and cafe. 

Many Port residents are excited to taste what the eatery has to offer.  The variety of bagels offered include plain, sesame, everything, egg, rainbow bagels, and more. Mini bagels and flagels are options as well. 

“Although I’ve never visited the eatery personally, I have tried their bagels, and I was amazed at how good they were,” said junior Alexis Knepper. 

Customers can also order breakfast items such as eggs, french toast, and pancakes.  For lunch options, the menu also features grilled panini and Boar’s Head deli meats for sandwiches, as well as a list of signature sandwiches to choose from.  

“The panini was delicious and fresh, and the staff was very accommodating with altering my order because of my allergies,” said freshman Lucy Barr. 

Boychik’s has made deliberate efforts to take care of customer’s with eating restrictions, which is extremely important to the Schreiber students who suffer from life threatening allergies that make it difficult to eat at restaurants. 

A surprisingly popular menu item at Boychik’s has been its chopped salads. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of ingredients, including different vegetables, cheeses, and meats. 

When asked about possibly delivering to Schreiber, Mr. Grossfeld expressed great interest in the idea.

“Once more employees are hired, Boychik’s would definitely be interested in delivery options for customers,” said Mr. Grossfeld.

Students at Schreiber also expressed excitement over the possibilities regarding delivery.  It would give freshmen and sophomores the chance to eat Boychik’s for lunch, since they cannot go off campus. 

“It would be great for students and business if Boychik’s decided to deliver as well, because then younger students would be able to purchase food also,” said senior Caitlin Kane. 

Many students are also very content with the diverse options the eatery has to offer. In addition, others enjoy how the space at Boychik’s is large enough to seat multiple guests as they do not feel too crowded.

“The atmosphere was very nice and clean, they were fast and I would definitely come back here,” said freshman Talya Pecullan. 

Across the board, students have expressed their excitement at finally having an affordable, tasty, and comfortable restaurant in close proximity to the school.